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July 14, 2008



I'm a big fan of the South Shore Frolics, also known as White Trash Fest.


At least it’s not a disgraceful booze fest like what Riversplash has turned into.


I could see it being an ideal destination for a family looking for something cheap and entertaining to do.


I'm with Blinky. SSF is white trash and lame. What a waste of time!


I’ve only been to the South Shore Frolics this one time. Sure, it was nothing extraordinary, but it still was a good way to kill an hour or so. I liked it. It was wholesome and casual and mildly entertaining. Granted, I probably won’t put it at the top of my list of things to do next year, but that’s not to say that I'll never go again.


I went Friday night and really enjoyed the music of Clamnation, and thought it was great that there was a wholesome movie showing for families in a great environment.

The highlight was the parade Saturday morning which was great as always, featuring many children's groups and local businesses, and also some freaky looking yarn-dog thing. After the parade we had brunch at the Annona Bistro where we enjoyed the carrying sound from an AC/DC cover band playing outside of Rushmor records, which we later went and watched.

Yes, there was definitely a white-trash aspect to the whole ordeal, but that also was part of the charm. And yes, I will be partaking in the festivities again next year.

Thanks for a great review of the event Karen!


I wouldn’t consider myself "white trash" but I usually make it a point to go to the Frolics. You can spend an hour or two there and have a really relaxed and enjoyable time.

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