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July 07, 2008



We also had two free tickets, and planned to go Monday. We then found it it was family day and we got in free.

We stayed until about 4:00. My son has the same issues that I do and he got to overwhelmed with the crowd and we had to go. But we did have a good time while we were there. We saw Darryl Sturmer and the John Lennon Bus and won some head sets there. We stuck around to try to win a free electric guitar, but didn't - BUT we TRIED and had fun trying. In doing so, we missed the concert we were set out to see - 2nd Thought. A local middle school band that has played Summerfest for its 2nd time.

Dave Reid

Funny your story sounds oddly familiar. We had some friends in from out of town on Saturday and decided that a day of hanging out and cooking out at the pool and then hitting some of Milwaukee's great nightlife (Taylor's, Three, Eurobar) would be a better option than Summerfest. Oh and it was!


Still somewhat new to the area, and this was my first time to Summerfest. We went on Saturday, June 28, to see John Mellencamp. People watching was probably the highlight of the evening. Although I would have liked to have gone back and check out some other bands. I just hope the sound quality at Marcus Amphitheatre is better when the Police are there the end of the month.


Hey Christine-

First off, welcome to Milwaukee!!

Unfortunately, the sound quality *usually* sucks at the Marcus. But, I'm sure that the Police will be able to make up for what the Marcus Amp lacks!

Thanks for the comment!


Summerfest - didn't go. My band played, but I was out of town. So, if that statement wasn't pretentious enough as it is, I'm also slightly against Summerfest. I have even been known to say that Summerfest is Milwaukee's largest beer festival where music is also played.

And I wasn't that excited about the bands playing that I could have seen during the time I was in town.

I fully support your decision.


Haha! Thanks Matt.

BTW, I mentioned your band in my "Summerfest Stuff to Know & Do" post. #18


I'm with mjonthemove. There just didn't seem to be any bands that really made me WANT to go. They were okay, but not really worth the $15 admission or the chance of having beer spilt on me.


i didnt attend summerfest as well. the lineup this year was not appealing. at least with summerfest over now 102.1 can stop sweating the flobots. the jonas brothers headlining the marcus? they should have played at a free stage between 12pm and 4pm so all the kids wouldnt be up past their bedtime.


Hahaha that's funny, Justin.


I went this year and had a good time. I didn't go to see any particular band. I was mostly there because it was a free day. My friends and I just stage hopped and shared some typical Summerfest food like Saz's.


I'm getting too old for Summerfest!

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