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July 22, 2008



It's disappointing that they would want to stop something as wonderful as this. Thanks so much for everything you've done. I only discovered this blog a few months ago, but you've been able to help me see many new faces of my new home. It's been great to learn about so many opportunities that are right outside my door. I'm definitely planning to follow you over to your new blog.


Karen, you will be missed. You did a terrific job with this blog. It is puzzeling to me why VISIT would not want to continue this blog. You have provided so many windows into the various aspects of Milwaukee that no video could uncover or reach. My hat goes off to you. Job well done. Keep up the good work and I for one am glad to hear you are starting a new blog. I plan to follow you there.
Thanks again and please keep up the great work.


You've done a great job! It's a bummer they are discontinuing this though. I've already added your new blog to my reader though...see you over there :)


NO! I hate it. Way to kick ass, though, and double the clicks. w00t! I'll see you over on the new blog.


Thanks for ruining my birthday.... :(

All good things have to come to an end. But I am delighted to have met you. What a fabulous job you have done and I can not tell you how many people I have referred here. You did an awesome job and I hope this content stays, because I do refer back to it frequently. (As I have mentioned in the comments on various occasions.)

I can't want to move over and find you.

(standing ovation) on this blog!


What? They're dropping this for a video blog? DUMB! I don't go to blogs to watch videos, and it's tons easier to read a blog at work than watch a video. I won't even bother going to the stupid vblog, but I look forward to reading your new blog!


I'm so bummed!

You really did a great job with this site. You proved yourself and should be proud of what you've done.

I'm so annoyed that they are turning this into a video blog though. Videos are a horrible way to get good information. Heck, you can't even search for videos online. What a horrible choice on Visit Milwaukee's part.

Still, I'm pleased to hear that you're going to continue writing about Milwaukee. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures and will follow you to your new site.

Congrats on a job well done!


I really think it is a travesty that this blog is ending. I love your writing style and your energy. I have no doubt that your new blog will be all the more exciting to read. Never give up on writing Karen. You really have a talent that can and will take you a long way.


Video shmideo. LAME.

I'll miss this blog. Some day people will realize the power of WORDS. Hopefully not too late.


Pardon me, but this is crap. Seriously.


Yeah, I agree. The first reaction I usually get out of people when I say that Karen's site is becoming a vid-only blog is..."What? That's a really stupid idea!"

I personally hate having to wait through videos to get the info I'm looking for...there is usually a lot less info too. I had a lot of friends that would come here to look for new things to do...I'll have to shuttle them to the new site I guess.

Whelp, regardless you did a great job and should be very proud...


This is fairly dismal, but the new eases the disappointment!

See you next week at the Cubs game, and we can toast the new.


Since it's already started, I'd like to come and second and third what everyone's said about a video blog. RIDICULOUS. Who wants to take the time to upload a video and watch it?

Blogs are for reading. Words and photos work perfectly.

Poor move, VISIT Milwaukee. Poor move.


I fourth it! This is shocking. I can't believe Visit Milwaukee would shut this site down. It was hugely beneficial. I'd constantly come here and I'd refer people too. Unbelievable. I don't know how a video blog will replace all of the work gone into this site...


I'm sorry, but video blog = terrible idea. If they want to change it up, why not just revamp the blog, or have multiple bloggers from multiple POVs?

Will follow you to the next blog!


PS: I won't watch the videos. Not once.


Already today and Monday they were flashing the visit milwaukee site. The site to me is not friendly, this is and easy to read and navigate.

I like to be able to comment and as I mentioned before, I have referred people here. I don't know how I found it, but I used the site a lot.

Corporate management is the demise of all good things - not just here.

I will not upload a video to watch either, to be honest. I'm sure it will be start and end with a commerical too.


Did I mention I liked the ability to comment?


Karen, who do we contact to get you back!? Video blogs are the worst things ever, I've tried to watch a few, and I never make it all the way through! I love your reflective and accurately descriptive writing style on all our fair city has to offer. Goes to show what people think the "kids" like...yikes. I will definitely be visiting your new site. Foul move, VISIT - we love Karen!!


Hey everyone!

Thanks for expressing your thoughts regarding the changes. I appreciate all of your support and encouragement. Seriously!

I wish I had some say in the future of Play in the City and this decision, but obviously I don't, otherwise I'd still be here. Trust me though; I did what I could…

So again, thank you! You guys are great!


My sentiments echo those of everyone who has already commented... It's a shame to put an end to something that has such grace and style. Karen, your blog is always full of information, amusing anecdotes, wonderful pictures, personality, and LIFE that a video blog could never hope to replace. You have an innate ability to convey to readers exactly what you're thinking and feeling and you always make me feel like I'm THERE with you on your adventures. You know I'll be reading your new blog -- I already linked it to my google reader!

Don't ever stop writing.

dudeman brosef

VISIT Milwaukee seems to have taken a page from the Milwaukee government playbook - get rid of everything good and keep everything lame. Garbage. Next thing you know, VISIT Milwaukee will be sponsoring road construction and MCTS fare hikes as well as closing libraries.


I'm repeating the same sentiments, but have to say it anyways; This is an awful move. Why not just have both sites at the very least? Terrible idea on VISIT's part. I'm looking forward to your new blog! You did an awesome job.

I also have to say it's strange how you and Erin (previous PITC blogger) both "ended" your blogs at the same time.


I just wanted to say what an excellent job you did during your run. Best of luck to you and your new blog:)


Personally, I think keeping the bogs on the visit Milwaukee page would have been way cooler. What a way for visitors to get a first hand view of our city.


All the comments should say something about you, your writing, and the poor idea of videos. You are appreciated by many, and you have enormous talent to share and the new site is welcomed. Continue the good work and you will have a following, plus new people looking for info. Love ya.

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