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June 13, 2008



Keep workin' hard. It will all pay off in the end and will definitely make your trip to L.A. even more satisfying!


Gosh, you're a busy girl!

At least it sounds like your weekend will be fun, albeit busy. I hope to hear about it next week!

dudeman brosef

make sure you eat at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. on the Santa Monica pier! :) Pacific Park is right on there too there is a ferris wheel... you can look back towards the shore and see Malibu and all that madness. Its right off the PCH. Last time I was out there I saw a car flip over right there. And the third street promenade in LA is pretty cool. Its like an outdoor hotel for bums at night, but they dont bother you like they do here. There are nice shops and restaurants and a big movie theatre there... depends on where you are staying I suppose. I would also highly recommend going to the Los Angeles Gun Club pistol range down past "Skid Row" on East 6th. They rent guns and equipment and I know you haven't ever shot guns before so why not do it when you are in some foreign city? :) haha. Have fun out there. Call my boy Matt if you need help!


I'm tired just reading your blog!! You go girl!! Have fun in LA!!


You and Eric have a good time in LA. Enjoy the beach. Just be well rested and ready to party when my bunch of Cub fans from Texas hit Milwaukee in July!

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