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June 29, 2008



How about...
Be ready to be annoyed by skanky teens.


You forgot: Get yelled at by security when trying to sneak into the Captains Deck :)


Ha-ha Eric.

No, I didn't forget that, but I was TRYING to erase it from my memory. Ugh!

Wasn't it much easier to have a good time when I worked for the MRG? Back then I was handed media passes like I was actually a VIP or someone cool... now I have to beg to get up there. *sigh*


Do just Harley's get free parking or is it any motorcycle?


Also: Dodge flip-flops falling off the feet of people riding the Skyglider


I believe it's any motorcycle. But, don't quote me on that – I'm not 100% positive!


How about buying your beer from the tent nearest to the stage you'll be at. Otherwise you'll likely spill it on your way from stage to stage. That's like eight bucks down the tube!


great list so far! I'm having a hard time coming up with something else!

How about sampling the local beers from Lakefront Brewery and Water Street Brewery.


Good one, Kelly!


You forgot...

51. Have a few pints before hand at The Ale House before walking in because Summerfest brews are too expensive for words.
52. Make sure you did go the They Might Be Giants show opening night - you missed it if you didn't!


Make sure to see the many performances of extreme juggler Marcus Monroe! Always a fun show!


This is great! We took a printout with us..

how about..

go on the John Lennon bus.......

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