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June 22, 2008



Sadly I will be missing Summerfest, but I will be home to enjoy Festa Italiana! (It's my FAVORITE of all the festivals -- great food, great fireworks, great music, and every year without fail I run into someone I'm related to down there...) Plus I'm really excited to be in Brew City during State Fair this year. I'll also be going to Lollapalooza in Chicago for some kickass concerts (with a crazy group of people, don't know if you know them, Karen......)

I've never been kayaking down the Milwaukee River -- could you give a little more information about that? That sounds like a really good time.

Gathering on the Green (in Mequon) is a really fun time. I used to work for one of the arts organizations that gives performances there, and the festival is a good mix of food, music, and atmosphere.


Karen, it sounds like you'll have a busy summer. I look forward to hearing about all that's on your agenda!


Milwaukee is great in the summer!

I'm excited for the ethnic festivals. I went to Polish fest last weekend and had a blast.


Hey Kristin-

Kayaking down the Milwaukee River is a blast! It gives you a really cool perspective of the Riverwalk and the cityscape too.

Laacke and Joys on Water Street rents kayaks for $20 and you get it for an hour and a half. The kayaks are up for grabs to anyone, but they tend to go pretty quickly, so I'd recommend calling ahead and reserving one before you head out. (There are also other places to rent kayaks. So, that's something to keep in mind as well.)

Perhaps this is something we could do while you're in town...? Let me know!

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