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June 11, 2008



Thanks for the review - I've been wanting to give this place a try. I'd go for the microbrews on tab alone. :)


You're welcome, Alba!

I'll try to post more restaurant reviews. Any places you’d like to hear about?

Anyway, the bar itself is great. There are cups filled with party mix to munch on while sipping on a craft brew. The Buzzin' Honey Ale was delicious and the Caber Tossing Scottish Ale was probably my favorite – reminiscent of the Ale House's Louie's Demise. But apparently the Fox Light is their best seller – Fratellos was out of it when we were there last week.

Definitely check it out.


Me and 2 friends went there for a fish fry and it was the worst food we've had in a very long time. The fish was soggy and looked like it was microwaved. It had no taste whatsoever - in fact, I started feeling queasy while eating it. The seemingly store-bought waffle fries were disappointing and tasteless. Save your $15 it costs for this fish fry and instead, buy store-bought fish sticks and fries. Trust me, you won't regret it. Also, our waitress was the biggest ditz I've ever encountered in my entire life. Sorry, but she was.


Now I'm hungry and my mouth is watering!


Ha-ha. Unfortunately, the photos are a bit misleading. Only two of the dishes were actually tasty.

Kelly- That really sucks. I'm sorry to hear that the fish fry was so horrible. Apparently, seafood isn't their forte, which is funny because I'd expect a "waterfront restaurant" to be fish fry masters or something. The sushi and crab cake we had were terrible too... bummer.


So, how is it that a restaurant that serves bad to mediocre food is able to have several locations around the state? I don't get it. Do people actually seek out poor quality food?


Probably the same reason why Applebee's has dozens of locations around here... I have no clue.


WE HAD PINOT NOIR!!! Not Red Zin...friends don't let friends drink terrible wine.


Applebee's! Where everything tastes the same because it's all covered in some weird sauce.

I always laugh when we drive by and it says "Neighborhood Grill & Bar" on the side. Hilarious.

Happy Sunday.


I did the downtown dining also at Fratellos - we were unimpressed on the whole. The service was slow and the food was nothing to rave about. I agree with your description of the appetizers - kind of gross, actually. We ordered the 2 chicken dishes - the bruschetta was better than whatever the other one was. We also ordered both of the desserts and to be perfectly honest most of both were left. The cannolis were odd...the creme was very similar to pudding and and odd texture, then the Creme Brulee was far too sweet and a redic mixture of too many textures.

The patio was great, no stinky fish smell - but the food def left something to be desired.


Oh Kevin, calm down! That's a minor technicality (Eric didn’t even remember), but I’ll change it to make you happy. Plus, I can only take so much badgering! Seriously.


Haha Matt. You're funny. :)

julie attermeier

Two friends and I went to Fratello's on Friday. We decided to eat inside because the wait for the deck was long. I was not particularly impressed with the decor. We then noticed was how noisy it was. The waitress moved us away from the party room in back, but that didn't help much. It was impossible to hear each other talk unless we yelled. We waited in the racket for an hour and a half after we ordered to get our food! When the waitress finally came, we asked to have the food boxed to go so we could leave. The manager came to apologize and gave us our meals for free. Even so, we will not return.

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