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June 16, 2008



I love farmers markets and try my very best to buy a lot of the fruits and vegetables I eat in the summer from them.

I remember reading your recap about the East Town Market last summer. I really loved the Battle of the Chefs competition. Will they be doing that again? It sounded like a great draw.


I love Farmer's Markets too! I took photos, to blog about our farm shopping experience, but I found out I am having unexpected company so I have been getting ready for that - it will have to wait a bit..

dudeman brosef

let us not forget the farmers market that is held from june thru october on saturdays from 7-11 in west bend:

my friend grows a garden and peddles her wares here also.

just thought i would add one more. i mean if you have port washington and hartford... west bend is right in between.


How could I forget West Bend? Thanks for the info, brosef!

Julia Legath

I shop the farmer market at Howell Avenue
and its a small one . But i was impress with what the one farmer had. Everything was great.
and i want to thank the local farmers and also say to the public some of these farmers had to reseed there farm because of the flood. Thanks for them for who replanted and suppling us with delious home grown veggies.
Julia Legath

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