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June 16, 2008



Thanks for the LAUGHS and glad you enjoyed your stay!


Don't worry Kevin, we don't consider Chapel Hill or Raleigh top travel destinations either. Nice review!


Who wouldn't consider Raleigh a top travel destination?! I mean really...we've got uhh...Durham right next door?


Thanks for the post, Kevin! I almost felt like I was reading Eric's writing... (Was I??)

K-ran, every time I read a PITC post, I get more and more anxious to come home for a visit. Luckily it's only a month until my next visit -- otherwise I might have to stop reading!

As far as talking up Milwaukee to East Coast friends... I might have to direct some of my doubtful friends to this post so they can see that I don't just rave about Milwaukee because I grew up there!


Ahh Kristin, you get it! The point of posting Kevin's experience is exactly as you stated - it's in hopes of helping tourists see that I'm not just talkin' up my beloved Milwaukee... it's actually a cool place to visit! And if I can get MORE friends to write about their trip to Milwaukee, well, having several different perspectives will be even more useful!


I'm excited to see you in a month or so. We'll have to get together!


Hooray for Kevin and a positive Milwaukee review! I love my city and I'm glad you do as well! It was nice to meet you for a quick minute at The Corner (which is now closed - soon to be opened with a new name and a new owner). Glad you enjoyed your stay and made it home safely.


Hey Lizzie-

Thanks for all of the comments lately!

Wasn't it weird that we were there for The Corner's final night? I think that's why they were offering those big gulp beers for only $5 – to get rid of their kegs. Too bad they were only filled with foam. Robbery! :)

dudeman brosef

the corner's final night? you mean that 19 yearold party palace is finally closed? thank god! next stop: the rest of water street!

i'm glad he had a good time. when my friends from boston stopped by back in '02 on their way cross-country to san francisco, i took them through the miller brewery tour, the east side, and to beans and barley (2/3 of them were veggies so they loved the place) for lunch. the whole time, though, they kept asking "where is the city?" i pointed to the us bank building and said "there." for a city extremely close in size to boston, our downtown has about 200 years less development on it, and it shows. but we dont recognize that growing up here, and vice versa. perspective is something else ain'a hey? <-- haha milwaukee.

as for the southern folk thinking all we do is make cheese, what is it, exactly, that north carolina is known for again? the wright brothers? the outer banks getting bashed by hurricanes? krispy kreme donuts and pepsi cola? please. i'll take cheese over all of the above, always and forever.


Karen, this is a great idea!

Good read, Kevin. I'm glad you had a good time.

Dave Reid

The idea of having visiting guests write up a post about their experiences in Milwaukee is a great one.... thanks for doing it!


Brosef...North Carolina is known for a couple of things. Cheerwine, Sundrop, Krispy Kreme, yeah these are some of the great things, but there are more. The wright brothers are actually from Ohio, just flew the first plane ever in NC at KittyHawk.

I prefer to be thought of as the home of the UNC know the guys who keep kicking the badgers butts in the ncaa's!

Actually, I would recommend a visit to NC even though I didn't grow up here. I grew up in Tokyo and Singapore (which is where I met eric and as Lizzie pointed out, developed similar writing styles). Anyway, I'd like to encourage you all to check out my website that's posted in my link (nsfw).

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