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May 18, 2008



Yea for you and starbucks!!

Want to meet for a coffee?? ha ha!


Niiiiice. That would make my day.


HA! I just got a call from "my little bird"'s friends mom. They just moved to Milwaukee this School year and they were having company from out of town this weekend. She asked for ideas of things to do. I sent her the link to your blog!!!


Told you this was an excellent blog!

BTW, I'm still waiting for my coffee invite - HA HA


You were only a few blocks from Anodyne Coffee (on KK) which totally rocks!!!


I'm glad you had such a good experience at Starbucks. National chains don't always put the emphasis on customer service, so I completely agree that it's a location thing. However...had you simply gone a few blocks north on KK, you would have ventured into the heaven that is "downtown" Bay View. Chock full of independently owned coffee houses. But I completely understand your need for an immediate caffeine fix!


Hey doglover,
Coffee? It's on me. Ha.


So, I guess that your experience could be due to the shop's locality, but I've been to the Alterra on Prospect Ave. on the East Side and had a horrible experience – the young lady at the cash register was extremely rude.

Several months later, I went to that same Alterra and had the same unpleasant experience.

Considering Alterra is a local chain, what does that say about your theory?


Hey Katherine, Welcome!

Indeed Bay View boasts some of the best indie coffee shops in the area – Hi Fi Cafe is one of my favorite places to stop for a cup of joe when I’m in the area.

I guess I should have mentioned that I think drive-throughs at coffee shops are heaven sent. I also had a Starbucks gift card that had been burning a hole in my pocket since Christmas (and still is), hence the reason for stopping at the Starbucks and not venturing further down the road. When I factored in those two aspects, along with my dire need for a caffeine buzz, my mind was made up. :)

Hi Farrah! (Thanks for stopping back!)

SuzieQ- I frequent that particular Alterra and never had a problem. Perhaps it was a bad day...?

Keep in mind that not every establishment will provide great service just because it’s local. I was simply making a generalization when saying that Milwaukeeans are friendlier than New Yorkers, and so on.


No, I know. I was just saying. But, I won't go back to Alterra even if they are supposedly nicer than NYC's Starbucks employees.


I tend to go to Starbucks just because of the service. The people there are always very polite and the service is fast.


Karen, I will whole-heartedly agree with your generalization about the extremely friendly nature of Milwaukeeans, especially when compared with residents of other larger, non-Midwestern cities.

Here in New York, workers at large chains (Starbucks, Walgreens, Kmart, etc.) are usually more concerned with getting through their shift and/or finding out the scoop on their coworkers' previous night's conquests than seeing that the customers have any sort of pleasant or even timely experience. That's definitely a generalization, but in my experience it's accurate at least 90% of the time. Only in the smaller, local places near my apartment in Queens have I found service that is anything like what it is back home... And even then, it's still tinged with the ultra-high pace of the City.

About a month ago, I attended an education conference in Milwaukee along with two of my friends who also teach in NYC. While we were in Brew City they wanted to sample some authentic Wisconsin cheese and beer, so I took them to the Pick 'N Save MetroMarket on Juneau & Van Buren, right around the corner from my old apartment. As we were checking out, they commented several times (both to me and to the guy at the register) that they could tell they were in the Midwest because the people working at the store were so friendly. Mind you, this was at the packed MetroMarket, around 6pm on a Friday evening. I was definitely happy to hear the way that my east coast friends were lauding my hometown. (And they continue to do so, whenever WI or Milwaukee finds its way into a conversation...)


This make me even more excited about my first trip to Milwaukee in July. You think the folks at Starbucks will like my Cubs cap?


I love the Starbucks drive through - I usually go to the one on HWY 100 and I94. They are always fast and friendly - but I never received any comp drinks....

The Starbucks in WFB is also very friendly - when I go in there.

When I lived in NYC, I thought people were way friendlier than Milwaukee. BUT that's just me.


(large sip of coffe) - toast

Cheers Karen!


Johnny- as long as you aren't wearing a Caribou Coffee cap, I'm sure they won't care. :)

Hi Kristin! I'm glad to see you back around here!

I was hoping you’d chime in. Considering you reside in NYC and used to live in our beloved Milwaukee, I knew you’d offer an interesting perspective.

Also, it’s good to hear that the Midwest/Milwaukee lives up to its friendly reputation. Or perhaps your east coast friends were just influenced by our yummy cheese and beer! Ha.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. You always leave such thoughtful comments!


I'm really late to this, but that's awesome! That would make my day. :) I don't love Starbucks coffee, but the service is always great, that's for sure.

On a side note - I've actually found New Yorkers to be surprisingly friendly the couple of times I've been there!

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