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May 12, 2008



This is a great concept and practice. Only thing is, how do you handle biking to work and stay "fresh" shall we say.

If you also do not have access to the bike trail, then you do put your life in your hands on the regular road.

I hope some day, others will respect the riders and walkers of this world.


I love the photo. I mean, the gas? Seriously? It's ridiculous!


When I used to bike to work in the summer time I would have to bring a change of clothes with me because I was absolutely drenched with sweat by the time I got to work


I certainly wouldn't be that woman biking in stiletto heals! I'd bring a fresh pair of clothes and shoes and a pretty smelling spray along with me in a backpack.

There are also some companies with locker rooms, so those employees have the luxury of leaving a change of clothes at work and even showering there before starting their day. Boy, wouldn’t that be convenient?

It’d be nice to be able to shower at work after going to the gym on my lunch break. I bet I’d have more “work friends” if I didn’t reek half the time. Just joking... My sweat smells like roses. :)


I think riding on a high-traffic road is a little intimidating. If there are trails, I'd use those, otherwise I probably wouldn't bike to work since I'd have to go on major roadways.

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