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May 12, 2008



Beer and movies are not a good idea...I had to pee like crazy right when the movie reached its climax.


I'm not really into action or superhero movies, but I love the Rosebud! In fact, I might plan to go there to see the Sex and the City movie on opening night – that way my girlfriends and I can drink cocktails while we watch. :)


I did not know this place existed!! Thanks for sharing. I agree - it would be a perfect spot to go and see "Sex in the City".


HA - my friend and I are going to see Sex In the City on June 14th and as we were deciding where to go, I suggested this place because of your blog! AND the fact that the Fox Bay will not be carrying the movie.

so thanks for posting!


Oh Yay! I'm glad I could help. The Rosebud will be a great place to watch the flick!

Tomorrow I'm seeing Sex and the City at the Oriental and will probably blog about it. I'll make sure not to give too much of the movie away... just for you. :)


AW, well thank you! Hopefully the movie will work out... our husbands usually work together on Saturdays "fixing cars". We have had to cancel many a time.... don't worry about me!

Enjoy the movie and have a Cosmo for me!! :)

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