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May 13, 2008



We are now biking to our weekly scout meeting. It runs from 7-8/8:30 p.m. and is close enough. As long as the weather is nice, we will be doing that until June.

Also, all local errands that do not require heavy things to be transported (ie: 16 lbs of dog food) are now by bike.

I hope you add this post to your list of favorites, it is an excellen one!


Good for you!

I also try my best to take my bike out when I run errands. I need to get a rack for the back of my bike or a basket for the front of it – it can get pretty difficult balancing/peddling my bike with two plastic grocery bags hanging on one arm and three on the other!

Also, thanks for the kind words! I've been meaning to write about the Oak Leaf Trail for some time since it's one of my favorite things about Milwaukee. As a fellow Oak Leaf Trail traveler, I'm glad you enjoyed the post. :)


Great post! And no, you aren't a hypocrite. I can relate. I'll also drag my bike out of the garage just for you and for "National Bike Month." Deal?


Fun! We've been looking at bikes (he has one, I don't) at Wheel & Sprocket and hopefully I'll get one soon and hit up the paths!


My bike style is very hard to fit extra's on it... I actually use a back pack. I bought a pink one - so no one in the family could "steal it" and it comes in quite handy!

Well the "little tykes" are home, we are off to Discovery World.. I will check back tonight!

Enjoy the nice day!


Have fun at Discovery World and thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate your comments.


Thank you and I yours.... It was a fabulous evening!

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