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May 31, 2008



YAY you made it! The aquarium actually represents the bodies of water that the Dennis Sullivan travels in the winter months. The pulley's that you saw, are the only original things from when they were based over at the Milwaukee Public Museum.

It is frustrating at times when some of their things are broken; however, with our family membership as a annual gift from my parents, they probably lose money on us - for as many times as we go there. It is perfect for us to bring a friend, as our membership allows, and I sit in the lobby and use the free wi fi internet connection. It seems that although they have some bugs to work out, every time we come there is something new and different.

This summer, we are looking forward to two - week long summer camps. Since we have outgrown the zoo, this really is a perfect fit for us.

If you go on the weekends, they have actvities like making rootbeer and a cardboard sail boat class. I have also taken their Adobe Illustrator and Graphic Design class as well.

We really don't know how lucky we are to have this facility right here in Milwaukee.


ooh, I am glad you enjoyed yourself!


My son sailed as a deckhand on the Denis Sullivan from Boston to Florida and was very impressed with the Pride of Wisconsin.


Great photos! I have yet to go too, so don't feel bad.


Thanks for the info, Doglover. :)

Wliepolt, I can't imagine how fun that must have been for your son! I'm a little jealous...

I saw that Discovery World offers a really cool sailing trip to Door County, WI by way of the S/V Denis Sullivan. If it wasn't $1,400 per person, I'd be inclined to go. It sounds really, really fun!

Instead, I'm attending the Denis Sullivan Homecoming Celebration this Saturday for my first up-close look at the schooner. I’m also hoping to take advantage of a moonlit sail this summer.

The Denis Sullivan is a really great addition to Milwaukee!


Great photos - especially the one of Eric "eating" the jelly fish! Classic.


Last year we did go on the DS. I personally would like a job on it and leave for the winter months and escape my family. What freedom would the bring?!


I take it that the ship is truly awesome...?

...Man, spending months at sea would be amazing! I might have to escape too!

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