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April 25, 2008



Ha - I thought of you Wednesday... we biked the Oak Leaf Trail. Thought about blogging about it too.......

I will check out the maps.. I think the 15 would be do able for sure... Glad they have other options..


SIGH...... This wouldn't be exactly do able... they MAKE you wear a helmet.


Yeah, to limit liability I'm sure.

I normally don't wear a helmet – tisk, tisk. I know – But I sucked it up and bought one at Wal-Mart just for the ride last year. It's not so bad, especially when riding in torrential rain. :)


Don't forget to brush up on you cyclist lingo before you go so you can communicate with the other cyclists. For example:

"left...Left!...LEFT!" roughly translates to: "If I bought a bell for my bike it would create air resistance please move out of my way so I can pass you on the left"

"Car back...Car back...duh!" translates to: "Apparently I feel the need to get in your business and tell you that there is a car driving about 100 feet behind you that may eventually want to pass you. Despite the fact I know that cars have horns, I though I'd shout at you a bit to see if I could help reduce the traffic congestions that doesn't yet exist"

"Ha ha ha what a crappy bike, it even still has a kick stand..." translates to: "I'm a douche-bag but I make up for it by being a really, really big douche-bag"

And finally every novice cyclist should know this one...

"Man you guys are going slow I only started 5 minutes ago..." This one translates to: "I'm a complete jackass please put a stick between my spokes and start punching me at your leisure."

I actually had people say these things to me or to other people at the ride last year... don't forget to bring your stick... :)


Haha Eric!

It’s true that there were a lot of clip shoe, Spandex wearing semi-pros who were whipping past us on their street bikes and heckling those of us taking the Ride at a slower pace, especially those of us riding mountain bikes.

When you bike the 50 or 75-mile courses, it gets a little more competitive I guess, but the 5, 15 and 25-mile rides are leisurely and welcoming. I wouldn’t let a couple of pompous bicycling freaks deter me from doing the 50-mile again. I had fun and was proud of myself, even if my bike still has a kickstand. :)

All in all, the Ride is a blast! You always leave with great stories… as you can tell from Eric’s account. :)

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