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April 17, 2008



Awesome! I love volleyball, but I only get to play pick-up games in the summertime. It's great that you get to play so often. I bet you're pretty good then. :) I'm not though. I can only lob it over -- me no good at the three hits thing. ha.


Ugh! I can't imagine playing in the rain. Or in the cold for that matter! You're a trooper!!!

Good luck tonight!


Memories! I use to play at Libby's when it was Kelly's.... now I am probably showing my age and with the knee ailment like you mentioned, I can no longer play.

Maybe some time we will come down to watch a game... sure sounds like a good time!

Not sure if you remember the days when they had the Volleyball tournaments at the lakefront. I even remember catching them on the TV when I lived in NY.

Fun times to look forward too!


Thanks for all of the well-wishing, ladies. Luckily, the weathermen were wrong and it didn't rain, not even a drop. It was still quite cold though, but I was smart and played in three layers of socks and three shirts.

WFB- I think I remember watching the USPV play along the shores of Lake Michigan back in the day. That would be really cool if we could get pros here again.

Also, volleyball down at The Tracks is highly entertaining. You should definitely check it out sometime. :)

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