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April 15, 2008



Why is it the guys are always the better cookers on the grill? My husband always does a really good job too!

Eric looks like a keeper! Nice kind eyes! I enjoyed reading about your day. I always feel like I'm where ever you are!

Good blog.


I love tailgating! Every time I go it's always really windy or really cold. But, we always brave the weather just to cook out for the game. Silly Milwaukeeans. :)

By the way, good call on the turkey dogs. I have trouble restraining myself at tailgate parties too. If I bring turkey dogs though, I don't feel quite as guilty about scarfing down more than one.


Aw, that's really sweet. Yeah, Eric is pretty okay. :D

Regarding grilling, I hear you. When I try to cook anything on the grill, I have a hard time gauging whether or not it's done. Chicken always comes out undercooked and burgers are usually burnt. (That's when the microwave is a saving grace.)

I consider myself a good cook, but for some reason I don't have the knack for cooking over an open flame. Seriously, why are men better at grilling? It infuriates me!


Turkey dogs are the best! They taste just like regular, fatty dogs...well, sorta.


This is a fun post. I really like that you're into sports and seen to know a decent amount about the game.

Too bad your boy Bill Hall fell into a slump. But it looks like he's coming back, especially after the game on Saturday.

As for our pitching, well, that's another story...

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