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April 08, 2008



O.K. so it was electric not wind was a long time ago...I also remember the field being smaller I think this was a bigger version of the one I saw


this is closer to what I was thinking of but I remember more players


Eric, I'm still pretty sure that I've never seen anything like those toys. But whatever. The second link definitely works. Add five more of those oversized plastic football players and it'd look exactly like the Bonecrushers at the U.S. Cellular Arena! *grin*


What ever happened to the Milwaukee Mustangs anyway? I saw a Mustangs game back in the late '90s and I thought it was really fun. The game was very fast paced because they put a huge emphasis on the offense, but I like that. I also liked all of the hard hits! Even though football is always pretty physical, it seems like players are a lot rougher indoors. The shorter quarters also made it easier for me to sit through because I sort of think I have a minor case of ADD.

I think I’ll check out a Bonecrushers game (I don’t really like the name either though). It might not fill a void, but it would be fun!


So, I heard on the news this morning that Gilbert Brown has resigned as head coach of the Bonecrushers due to irreconcilable differences with the owners. The general manager, Chris Kokalis, has also left the team along with the team’s defensive and offensive coordinators. YIKES!

With a losing record of 0-3 and their next game this Saturday (April 12), clearly the Bonecrushers are in the midst of some turmoil. Not good at all.

Bonecrusher FAN

the Bonecrushers are gunna be better than ever! They have all new coaching team who KNOWS how to COACH a team. and also they got a GM now who can handle the job. come 2 the next game and U will see a new team that knows how 2 WIN!!


The Mustangs actually did very well in Milwaukee. They only folded because of uncertainty regarding arena availability.

From Wikipedia: For many in the football-crazy Milwaukee area, the Mustangs helped fill the void left by the Packers. This led to the Mustangs being, arguably, the best supported team in the AFL's history. The team never finished lower than eighth in seasonal attendance, regularly drawing in the 14,000's and 15,000's (at a time when average attendance was approx. 8,500). The Mustangs even led the AFL in attendance in 1996.

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