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April 20, 2008



Oh, I LOVE Koppa's! My favorite sandwich is also the Atlantis. I just love that cranberry mustard -- I think that's what makes it taste so good!


To try to describe why the Atlantis tastes so good would be blasphemous! But, you're right, Amanda. I'd also bet it has a lot to do with the sweet and spicy cranberry mustard! :)


I like the Elvis the best


The Elvis is the best PB and banana sandwich I've ever tasted! I frequently crave it.

Now that it's finally getting warm outside, we should pick up some sammies and picnic one of these weekends. Yes?


Free Atari at a grocery store? Sold!

Based on your photos, this place looks pretty sweet!


I love, love, love Koppa's. We used to live across the street and it was so convenient to pick up anything - dinner, wine, whatever. I swear we went like three times/week. And Comet. Sigh, I miss my old digs. ;)


Love Koppas! I am probably in Koppa's 3 or 4 times a week. If I ever spot you I'll have to say hola.

My favorite Koppa's moment was when I went in there and the guys from American Movie were filming their latest film. After a hilariously awkward conversation with the main guy, we watched them film a scene behind the fulbeli deli. I'm still waiting for the grand opening at The Oriental.

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