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April 09, 2008



Well, that's pretty nifty.


Hate to break it to you, but bloggers aren't writers. Just saying.


I disagree.

Anon, what exactly makes someone a writer then? And what qualifies you to judge?


I guess an actual writer would be someone who has been published regularly by someone else, not just on their own blog. I just don’t see a blogger as a writer.


Anon, what have you published that you are an expert? This is a well written, intelligent blog site, that shares intersting information about Milwaukee. Nobody said it's Pulitzer Prize worthy. All that was stated is that Karen recognizes accomplished writing and she congratulates them. Get a life, read a book, write an obituary.

yo boy

anonymous internet rhetoric doesnt make you NOT a jerk, either, anonymous!


Deja vu! I think we've had this debate on here before...

Okay, I guess I can see that, Anon, but I also think that a writer could encompass many facets, including blogging. Especially because many bloggers are pretty skilled writers and I’m sure many have been published outside of their own blog -- but even if they haven’t, they are still writers in my opinion.

In an article I read it states that defining a writer is as simple as asking, "What makes an electrician an electrician?" In this line of thinking, an electrician is someone who installs electrical devices and wiring, so a writer then is someone who writes. I also think a writer is someone who is dedicated to the craft of writing. So, if you simply must write today, as you did yesterday, last week and last year -- you are a writer.

Many artists go for years and years without selling any of their work. Take Van Gogh for instance. He painted throughout his entire life, but never became famous until after his death. So was he not an artist until he sold his work? Are people living out their passion for art by painting, sculpting or drawing really not considered an artist simply because they don't have their work on display in a gallery?

I suppose this is something that will always be argued...


Thanks for your support, but I wouldn't worry about it. I *think* Anon is just making a generalization. Plus, people are entitled to their own opinion...

Anyway, I'm a writer even based on his definition. I don't need to justify that any further. :)


Karen, I think you handled this argument splendidly and I agree with your statements. Also, I think you're a fabulous writer. Keep it up!


I second that!


To clarify, I wasn't suggesting that this is a poorly done site or that the writing is bad. Karen, I like your blog. I think it offers thoughtful, descriptive and interesting reviews and new stories. The content is good. The writing is good. I didn't say bloggers weren't talented either because clearly many are. Karen is. I just don't think bloggers are writers because anyone can blog and you don't have to be good at it. But, if Karen or any other blogger has been published by an outside source, then fine, call yourself a writer and I might agree with you.


I support you a hundred percent Karen. Once again you proved that you are a strong individual with a great knowledge of debate.

In other I the only one that did not know the Journal Sentinel was a separate entity before 95? Oh boy! This may be one reason why I love your site. I am informed of Milwaukee's history through your writing.


I think you put it perfectly with the electrician comparison. A writer is someone who writes. Just as a runner is someone who runs and a sculptor is someone who sculpts.

It's always so easy for people to criticize anonymously, isn't it?


Seriously. *sigh*


Ha Ha Erin, you stole my comment - so I will echo Erin's comment.

By the way Karen, if you are not a "writer" then what are we reading?

OOHH Typing....
so you are a typer then?

and are we readers or something else? hummm........



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