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April 29, 2008



Okay, this might be a dumb question, but what are "knuckle dusters"?

Have fun in Chicago tomorrow!


Brass knuckles. I fight old school...


LOL Karen. You have "knucks"? Hilarious! This entire post cracked me up!

Have a great time. Go Brewers!


Wrigley Field is my favorite baseball field so far. (NOT that I have been to many.. but over the years I've been to the Mets, Yankees, Boston (like in High School - so long ago I can't even remember the team name) and Wrigley Field. I am more of a social fan, I really don't watch the game (ducking peanuts and empty beer cups) I love all of the Roof Top seats of the neighboring houses.

Have a fabulous time!!! GO Brewers!!


I hope you had a great time despite, well, you know what.

I very much dislike the Cubs. :)


Go, Cubs, Go!
I hope you enjoyed Chicago, if not the outcome of the game. Unfortunately your Brewers won the series. I enjoyed listening to today's game on XM, that is until the 9th. I always enjoy listening to the conversation between Ron Santo and Bob Uecker, and hearing Uecker sing "take me out to the ballgame" at Wrigley.


Peering out into cyberspace... Karen - are you there? Did you make it back?


Hey Johnny!

Yeah. It sucked. Well, the game did at least. I'll drop you an email later...and I'll fill in everyone else sometime this weekend.

Thanks again for the tickets! Aside from the massacre, we had a great time!!



We made it back safe and sound; although, my pride is a little shaken after the 19-5 loss, but I'm hanging in there... Thanks for asking.

When I got back to my "real job" this morning, I found mounds of work to catch up on. Why does that always happen? It was only one day!

Needless to say, I'm kind of buried under work right now. But I still have several blogs to post when I have some free time this weekend, so hang in there and check back soon!

Until then, good night...


Oh good! I'm excited to hear what you have to say about the game on Wednesday. I enjoy your rants about the Packers, they crack me up!


19-5 - OMGosh!!


Yeah. WTF? I knew we (the Brewers) would lose considering Suppan was pitching and it was the second game of the series, oh and then there's Turnbow... Still, I wasn’t expecting such a horrendous loss.

Since we won the series I'm okay, but I was pretty embarrassed to be at Wrigley in Brewers gear on Wednesday.

Oh well.


Ha Ha!! That's right... Brewer Wear!! Did you hid in the bathroom until most left???

(I'm laughing my can off right now visioning you)


The Brewers' fans "walk of shame" (as we all quitely shuffled out just after the 4th inning) was pretty amusing


Laugh all you want. There was no hiding, though.

Anyway, I'll have a full recap tomorrow. After all, I don't want to spoil all of the stories by telling them in the comments section...


I can't wait!!

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