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April 27, 2008



I'm all for going green around here. The UEC is a great addition to the city!


i'm glad you made it!! Sorry we missed this years event.

Sounds like you enjoyed.

BTW, my goal is to start researching solar energy for my house.


I'm spoiled, because my parents live across from the UEC...god, I can't wait to move back to town. Best thing (out of many) about the UEC? Free kayak rentals for members!


I think solar paneling is a good idea. The systems aren’t quite as unattractive now – I think that was one of the community's biggest gripes – so why the heck not? It's a great alternative.

Also, I want to go kayaking this summer, so I'm thinking about getting a membership for the UEC. Like you said, Erin, the free rentals are one of the best things about the center (besides the turtles) and it’s a great incentive to become a member since you can use their equipment over and over.

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