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March 14, 2008



Just curious, did you buy anything? I would have ducked out as well. GROSS!!! I once went to a Chippendales thing with some gals when I lived in New York. The ladies worked for Penthouse, so they were kinda wild, I can't remember if I stayed or went home or hid in the bathroom.

Kate and Mimi - they were best friends and clients of mine. They were good about including me when I first moved there.


Oh boy! Sounds like it was an entertaining time.


I would have hid in the bathroom.

Terry and I both didn't buy anything, but we did eat a lot of chocolate covered strawberries. YUM!

The clothes at Ess Elle are really cool, so I'll be back there to shop when there aren't half naked men to distract me (or scare me rather).


Very funny!!! I'm with you though.


Funny write-up. The Fling sounds fun and unique. I would check it out sometime, but I don't qualitfy as a "young" perfessional anymore. *sigh*


Hi: I'm here from my friend Christie and loved this post. This is better than Sex In The City. You sound like you had fun! Enjoy!!


Hi Michael! I remember seeing you around Christie's blog. Thanks for stopping by!!!

While I lack the coolness and sexiness of those "Sex and the City" ladies, I'll take the compliment!

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