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March 27, 2008



Thanks for the review! I'll take a neighborhood pub any day. Been that way my whole life!


BTW, I admire your ability to include photos in your blog so elegantly. I stuggle with photo placement on my blog.


Months ago I had a blog account through Blogger. As I recall, it was a struggle to post photos the way I wanted. If I remember correctly, you only have three size options: small, medium and large, and three placement options: right, left and center.

Typepad, on the other hand, allows you to adjust your photo size based on pixels and it offers many more placement options. Plus, it does most of the work for you - thank goodness.


I will have to look into that, because it is very hard to line up the type and the photos. It is frustrating and if it isn't pleasing to the eyes - you aren't going to hold your viewers attention. They will just keep on moving... (my theory anyhow)

Well, keep on blogging you are sure good at it!


Thanks!!! :)


That sounds terrible! However, I probably will go see it for myself -- the photos make it look pretty cool. But, I will take your advice and go on a weeknight when it's not so clubby.


lol - we should all go there on a weeknight and have a "blogger review".

Maybe people will think twice about how they treat others!


Thanks for the review. I think bottle service is kind of stupid. We did it for my bachelorette party in Chicago, and it's ridiculous.

I love Cuvee too. I just did an event there for work and the event space is very elegant.


You are so Right about Soho 7 on every level!This place seems to be overhyped!I made reservations for 10-12 people but the bouncer said I've hit my max at 10 people so he didn't let them in.What's the point of making reservations and getting bottle service if the bouncer is going to play games.This place is good to experience once but I would not return because of the obnoxious bouncers!

Thanks for the review!This place Bites!Beware!


I had a miserable time too. (I'm noticing a trend) Like you said Karen, the service was unfriendly and inattentive and overall, the place was unpleasant.

Taylor, the same thing happened to me and my friends! I was irate!

I think the staff at Soho needs to step off their high horse and learn how to treat customers so they WANT to come back. If word like this keeps getting out, good luck!

Thanks for the review. It was a good read.


I loved it. Keep in mind you came at 7:15 when most of the staff were preparing for a busy night. Remember this is a cocktail lounge. I went around 10 pm when it was beginning to get crowded and the staff were all smiles. Give them an order of 8 drinks and they'll bring you 8 drink without a pen and a paper. You're right it's not the corner pub but that's not the image here. What did you expect?

Christi Anderson

Hi Karen,

Wow, it's been a while since I've been back and what a perfect time for me to come back! Some friends and I have been trying to get to Soho 7 for weeks now but something always comes up. I might think twice about trying so hard to get there now...although I must admit I'm a big fan of the overly snobby establishments. Don't get me wrong, I love a good casual bar as well, but there's something I just can't say no to about an ubertrendy club filled with gorgeous people! =)


Hey Janelle,

You are right that they were probably getting ready for the night, but in my experience working at a restaurant, you prep before the doors open.

With four out of the five people on staff just standing around, I expected better service. That’s all I was looking for.

Also, when a place is referred to as a "lounge", I don’t expect it to be a club, so I was a little thrown off by the ridiculously loud music and randy crowd. While I’m aware that Soho 7 is not supposed to be a corner pub and I knew that before I went, I wasn’t expecting a rude and inattentive staff. Is that wrong?

My issue wasn’t that it was a cocktail lounge and not my typical hangout; in fact, I like upscale places every now and again (that same night Eric and I went to several swanky places that were fabulous!). Cocktail lounge or not, customers deserve *decent* service at the very least. That's what was disappointing.

I’m sure not everyone has had a bad time at Soho 7. I’m glad to hear that you had a great experience and I hope many will. But, I personally won’t go back unless I'm beaten and dragged there.

Thanks for sharing your positive feedback though. Seriously. I enjoy hearing other people's opinions.


Christi, welcome back! You should stop by more often!


Never had any problem with the service, and this is a much needed addition to Milwaukee. How many Irish or dive bars does one town need?

Saying Milwaukee is "unpretentious" is code used by people who have never lived anywhere else and are generally afraid of anything new. Don't begrudge people who want to go out and not see people in baseball caps and t-shirts everywhere--there are hundreds of area bars that cater to that crowd. It is SO refreshing to have an adult place to go.

To be great, a city shouldn't be uniform. It should be diverse--socially, racially, economically. You certainly don't have to like a place like Soho 7. But don't judge people who do. Reverse snobbery is just as bad as snobbery. There is no moral difference.



I agree that it’s refreshing to have a place like Soho 7 in Milwaukee. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say it was a bad addition, it just wasn’t my scene. “It’s a far cry from our usual stomping ground, which was a nice change,” I said.

I also agree that a great city doesn’t have to be uniform. In fact, in the last paragraph I say, “...that doesn’t mean that the development of 'big city' nightlife is a bad thing for Milwaukee – it will make the city more diverse.”

To make things clearer:

1) Just because I didn’t like Soho 7 doesn't imply that other people will have the same opinion – I know this.
2) I have nothing against establishments similar to Soho 7. “I like upscale places every now and again (that same night Eric and I went to several swanky places that were fabulous!)…”
3) Most importantly, I wasn’t judging people who like it there. Note: Earlier, I reiterated the fact that Soho 7 is a place that will appeal to many people.

As far as the service goes, that was my biggest gripe. Sure, I could have caught them on a bad weeknight. Maybe. Either way, the poor service I experienced is primarily what deters me from going back – and because it was more like a club and less like a classy lounge, but that's an entirely different argument.

To each his own.


Hey Anon, I also find Milwaukee to be unpretentious.

Let's see I've lived in Australia, Japan and Singapore.
I've been to Malaysia, Jarkarta, Borneo, Thailand, New Zealand, Tazmania, China, Hong Kong (before it was part of China), Hungary, Austria, Greece and England.

Just because I like to live in a city where the people don't think they need to look down on other people to feel good about themselves doesn't mean I'm afraid of change.

I think your "code" needs a little revision...


Ha ha ha... I just thought of something.

When I was much younger and when I first started going out to bars and nightclubs, I used to get "dolled up" and would dress really nice. It wasn't till I got a little older and "chasing tail" had lost it's appeal that I started being more causal when I go out. I still dress appropriately for the occasion I guess, more because I'd feel a little out of place otherwise. I just liked how that person said that getting dressed up was a sign of adult hood, whereas for me it seems childish.

Also, it always seems when I go to places that stress dressing up, the bars tend to be all about hooking up (although Cuvee wasn't like that at all; Tangerine certainly was though...) If you aren't looking to meet someone than being in that sort of environment can be tiring. For girls they have to keep rejecting guys, and for guys we usually spend the night having to "save" the ladies we come with. I guess that was what I really didn't like about SoHo7 is it was really meat market-y the night we went. You could see the guys scanning the room looking for their next conquest. Maybe we went on a single's night...

I'd go back to try their drinks though, maybe eary on. Their drinks sound pretty cool.



You gave an objective review of Soho 7 and conveyed how you were treated.

You shouldn't have to explain yourself. It is your blog, your opinion and your experience.


I agree - you shouldn't have to explain yourself at all. Blogs are for telling the truth!! Great post.


Thanks ladies. I'll keep that in mind. Generally, I think I write pretty fair reviews anyway.


This was a great review and you gave us your opinion and did not "put down" anyone elses opinion. Thanks and people will probably go there to see if Karen's opinion is right or wrong. . . go for it. Customer service with a smile is all that's expected.


I too have been wanting to try this place out. I got the invite to their Info 4111 party a few weeks ago but again didn't make it. I hear there is a long line most nights and it was already 10pm and we still hadn't left the house so....figured we might have a difficult time getting in. Not that it's ever been a problem before....I've gotten in VIP @ some of Vegas's hottest clubs and line jumped so....But this isn't Vegas. It's Milwaukee (not even Chicago) so I really don't want to have to deal with that. The 'pretentiousness' Don't get me wrong, I do like 'trendy' 'upscale' clubs/lounges so i will probably give this place a try. This weekend more than likely. But I'm glad i read the review so as to know what to expect.
I too am a very eclectic person. I can go from wearing my black 'wife beater' & jeans *paired with my Stuart Weitzman shoes & purse ;)* rockin out to TOOL
To wearing a nice A.B.S or Nicole Miller dress sippin a martini & dancin to Justin Timberlake or chillin to Tori Amos.
I am and like to be all over the board. Just like I said like to know what to expect. :) ThanX for review!


Wow! It must really suck to be so broke that the prices there bothered you ;)


Actually I'm getting by just fine, thank you. Besides, the prices there don't bother me. Not at all. I had no qualms about buying an “ehm be”.

I guess if you're comparing the price of a can of PBR at Landmark to a Cosmopolitan at Soho 7 (which I wasn't), then yeah, prices were a little steep there. :)

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