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February 19, 2008



Voting is today...oops. Looks like I won't be furthering democracy today. Doesn't matter I don't know who to vote for anyway. I prefer to not vote then just complain about everyoneELSE's bad decisions ;)


Thanks for all the info, Karen.

And Eric, you should really vote! Otherwise you can't complain about the outcome; although this is just the beginning. The actual Presidential election is much more important.


I've never been more excited to vote in my entire life. I was voter #26 at the Charles Allis Art Museum this morning... Hopefully I was the 26th vote for Barack Obama! :)

And Eric, I don't want to be mean.. but you're an idiot.


It's a very close race, so it's good to get out there and vote. Polls are still open for another two hours, so if you haven't gone yet, you still have plenty of time, especially because there are polling locations all over the place!

We seriously have the power to make a difference as we are trying to narrow it down to the two likely nominees. Wouldn't it be nice to say you were part of the decision?

Good work for getting out there in this cold weather to vote! But let's not resort to name calling, guys. Eric still has some time to cast a ballot! (I think he was just joking around anyway) :)


I'm glad you put that link to the site that helps you find the candidate that's best for you. It was seriously useful for me because I was on the fence about which Democrat to vote for. But I went out today and I put in my vote! Thanks.


I feel bad about calling Eric an idiot. It's just that this election is so incredibly important to me... all elections are important (even the local ones) but this one struck a cord inside. I know this isn't the right reaction but when I hear people say they're not voting, it's insulting.

Your vote determines the direction and fate of our country. It affects everything from potential Supreme Court nominees to the policies in our schools. Less than 100 votes has been the difference in many elections... to think your vote doesn't matter shows an extreme lack of understanding and unfortunate ignorance.

On a final note, I'm happy to hear that you think he was joking. :)


Sometimes you have to give people the benefit of the doubt. And since I know Eric, I'm certain that he was just being sarcastic (which isn't always easy to recognize on the web).

I understand where you are coming from and it's great that you care about the outcome of this election and the overall wellbeing of our country. You should be proud.


Yeah it's hard to write sarcasticly on the web...
I actually didn't end up voting, my reasoning being that I am torn between two candidates and I'd honestly be happy with either one being elected so I'll wait to see which one finishes the race and then vote when I need to.

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