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February 11, 2008


Brewers Fanatic

Go Brewers!

They are going all the way this season!


i feel ya karen. now that football season is over, i'm itching for the brewers season to start. the franks are good and all but the brats are even better, especially with stadium sauce.


Definitely looking forward to this season. And you are right about the sites, sounds, tastes, and smells. There is no substitute for any of these when it comes to a baseball game. I can't wait.

On another note, I have a food/beverage coupon as as a thank you from Mr Attanasio from last season with your name on it. Just let me know when you want to cash it in.

Go Brewers!


Do you know if all the young players signed on for this year?


The youngins are all protected for about 3-6 years depending on who it is. Plus Hardy just avoided arbitration.

yo boy

And once again, for year 5 or so in a row, I get to go to opening day with the old man and you dont. haha. sorry dont hate me! :P

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