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February 18, 2008



mmm guinness cake...yummy


That was pretty delicious, wasn't it? Actually, everything we ate is calling to me. We should go back there!!

yo boy

I'm surprised to see Balzac is still there. They must be doing something right, because Watermark Seafood had probably 3 people in it at the most at any one time for over a year back in the day. Oh and it was taxed. Kind of like Meglio pizza up the road on Kane and Humboldt; put a restaurant in the base of a condo building and suddenly it's okay to charge $20 for a 14" paper thin crust pizza with ingredients no fancier than what you'd find at Zaffiros but nowhere near as good. Say what you will for urban gentrification, but not everyone on the east side is wealthy and not everyone ever will be. I have never been to Ballsack (hahaha) but your article makes me want to give it an honest shot. Any single ladies out there? ...

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