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February 20, 2008



I didn't realize that renting the ski's was so inexpensive and your day sounds wonderful. I don't like being outside in this weather, but I loved looking at your photos. Great Job!!!!


The cost for ski rental probably depends on where you go. There are several stores besides Les Moise like Laacke & Joys in Milwaukee (Water Street) and Wheel & Sprocket in Hales Corners (108th Street) that also rent cross-country skis. Prices will vary depending on where you go. I called a bunch of places and found that Les Moise was the cheapest while Laacke & Joys was the most expensive – you have to put down a $100 deposit or something on top of the rental fee – and both are pretty close to where I live on the East Side, so it was an easy decision. But, there are a lot of stores that you can chose from based on location and price and what suits you.

I was really happy with our experience and would love to do it again!

Jim Shuey

Pictures are fantastic! It's really cold out where I am but after reading your adventure I think I'll go over to Recoup Gear and find me some used equipment and glide through the snow.


Honestly, I had no idea that XC skiing was such a workout! I mean, it totally makes sense and everything, but it never occured to me I guess.


Sounds like you had a lovely day! My favorite rentals are FREE and if you are a member of the Urban Ecology Center - family membership is $35.00's for a "family", you can rent them for free anytime you like. You can also rent a tandem, canoe, and snow shoes for free as well. Most of the equiptment is brand new. You leave your picture id and they do make a copy of your credit card - as of coarse someone ruined it for everyon - but the rental is included in your membership and they are located right along the bike trail. Check them out -


I've been meaning to check out the Urban Ecology Center for various reasons. For one, they always have some really cool events and activities going on. I never knew the Center had a rental service though. But, I’m glad you enlightened me because I was looking into canoeing for this coming summer and I think I'll head over to the Urban Ecology Center now. Thanks for the info!


You are welcome! I hope you find as much enjoyment out of it as we have!

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