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January 25, 2008



I really liked the exhibit, although I still have mixed feelings about some of the more "artsy" posings. The basketball player and runner I get. You get to see the muscles and tendons arteries, veins whatever is helping the person to run. But the guy that had all his layers folded out then had a straw hat on. I didn't understand the point of the hat, the description said some garbage about the hat was supposed to help blur the line between life and death...ahh I just thought it was a bit dumb and a little disrespectful to the dead guy who was wearing it (unless it was his hat but I doubt it)
I don't really approve of using body parts for art exhibits, they donated thier bodies for that purpose so I suppose it doesn't matter, and the purpsoe of the exhibit is to educate and the 'art' aspect of it is supposed to get people intested. Lightening the mood was a good point, too I hadn't thought of that. Having some of the more humurous exhibits may help people detach themselves a bit.
all in all though it was good fun...
good post


I would donate my body for plastination, but only under the condition that they configure my corpse like John Travolta's pose on the cover of Saturday Night Fever. Now that's what I call "Stayin' Alive"!


The exhibit's mission is to educate the public about health and anatomy, which it does brilliantly. It also makes difficult subject matter easier to handle.

Eric, I think by making the displays playful and creative, more people will go see Body Worlds. I bet visitors would be more creeped out and less willing to see the exhibit if they were simply looking at dissected corpses laying on tables or something. I certainly appreciated the way the displays blurred the line between life and death and merged those lines between science and art. It was easier to view.

Hilarious, Ghost Pig.
You should come around more often. :)


I am going there with my class. I am kind of grossed out by the idea. However I think it will be a completely different experience once I am actually there.


I am a fifth grade teacher who teaches a Human Body Unit in science. I went to the Body Worlds exhibit and spent two hours in complete awe. 20/20 had a segment last week on plastination, and delved into whether these exhibits are for educational or entertainment purposes. I certainly did not feel entertained! It was totally an educational experience for me. After seeing the obese body parts, I just wanted to go home and exercise!

Dayna P.

When I first saw the exhibit in Chicago I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just happened to be at the making rounds between the sheddaquarium and museum with my boyfriend of the time. We became bored and decided to check it out...having no idea what it was all about.

After walking in the room it literally took at least 15 minutes of us staring at the first exhibit to realize and come to terms with the fact that is was indeed a real human body.

The first body was that of a man who died of lung cancer, his blackened lungs were exposed and sure enough, they had put a cigarette in his hand! Now if this was an attempt at mood lightening I feel that they was a bit morbid to me. Morbid yet effective in making it's point!

I too was speechless and without an appetite for the remainder of the evening but all in all I feel it was an amazing experience that I'm eager to have again here in Milwaukee.

Donating my body for this purpose is nothing I'd ever consider but I am very grateful to those who did so that I could have this awesome opportunity!

Nice post Karen.

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