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January 22, 2008



Too bad! I was shocked because I thought we would blow the Giants away, but during the start I knew I was wrong, but not this wrong. It was horrible to watch and the silence of the fans at the end of the game was overwelming. Good luck to Farve on whatever he decides to do, I think he will retire, but who knows. It was fun watching him this year enjoying himself and I truely think he is one of the greatest QB ever.


I can't tell you how disappointed I was at the end of the game. And the reason was it was one of those games where we beat ourselves. Nothing against the Giants, because they have improved immensely over the year, but we are the better team, and in the end we beat ourselves through mistakes and missed opportunities.

You are right in saying that it was a great year to be a Packer fan as they far surpassed everyone's expectations. It has been awhile since I enjoyed a season this much.

On another note, a friend sent me a link last week to vote for the Greatest NFL Quarterback and like any good Packer fan I voted for Favre.

I must admit, my expectations for the running vote was surpassed as well.


Thanks for sharing the msnbc link, Scott. I just voted. Favre has it in the bag!

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