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January 30, 2008



Do you think more students will study film at, say, UWM or something? Maybe UWM will become more popular because it's located in a city where the film industry reaps benefits. Just a thought.


Are you telling me that Johnny Depp is going to be shooting film scenes in WISCONSIN?


The scouts have been in Oshkosh a few times and are looking at banks and the theater where my boyfriend works. We're all excited up here!


Yes, Johnny Depp and his wild sex appeal will be in Wisconsin!

I'm pretty excited about the movie and that it's being filmed mainly in WI (and that it will draw amazing actors to our area – Christian Bale is also rumored to be in negotiations with the director).

Erin, we'll have to take out our cameras and folding chairs for the filming in April.

And how cool would it be if some of the scenes were shot at the bank where your bf works, Mandy? Oh, it'd be cool!

I think this is pretty huge for our state, and for Milwaukee!


I don't know if this is significant at all, but I'm a film student at UWM and I'm really stoked about the film tax incentive and the prospect of seeing great directors and actors come to Milwaukee.


Theater he works at, not bank. The Grand Opera House in Oshkosh, Wisconsin's oldest operating theater, so it's kind of historic and that makes it even more cool. I'm not quite sure what a theater scene is needed for, but that's pretty cool that they might need it. They've been back there a few times to take photos and they've been in downtown Oshkosh to talk to business owners about altering storefronts.

Maybe my boyfriend can get me a date with Mr. Depp. Kidding.


I have selective "reading"


I'm sure you can't HAVE selective READING!


I guess I should have checked my facts before making that silly *joke*


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The Johnny Depp film "Public Enemies" is looking for a few good extras. Auditions for non-speaking roles in the film are from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. THIS Friday, March 7 at the Italian Conference Center (631 E. Chicago St.)

Men should be no taller than 6'1", and women no taller than 5'8" and no larger than a size 12.

Good luck!

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