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December 31, 2007


Dave could also go right here and read what happened when Erin and I did it a two years ago.


Thanks Dave.

So... will you do it again?


No way! I like warmth and drinking and watching everyone else take the plunge.


Hell no.


I just returned home from the 2008 plunge. This is my 3rd consecutive plunge - and the coldest on to date!
It's my daughter's 5th in 6 years. She did her first one alone when she was 8 and has been bringing more of her friends and family into her insane little group. This year, she had a relative from GA join her.
I do think anyone who ever considered this, should try it-just once. You might become a repeat lunatic too!


I went to Bradford beach today and i have to say i was going to go into the water but as soon as i stepped out of the car,i quickly changed my mind.I go every year and every year the plunge keeps expanding further down the lake.This year it seems alot of people were injured.Hopefully everyone is ok and everyone had fun.To everyone that jumped in....your crazy,but there wouldnt be any plunge if it wasnt for you,Thanks to everyone.



Today was my 2nd time ever "plunging" It definately is a rite of passage every Wisconsinite should done at least once! While it is freezing (no way to sugar coat that it is definately a blast and quite the sight to see! I may just end up making this an annual thing as well!


I did it this year. Last year I went down there and wasn't prepared to do it (literally didn't have a swimsuit). I was annoyed that I couldn't do it once I got there so I vowed to do it this year. Unfortunately, I did it! :) Last year it was about 50 degrees and this year it was about 9. Holy freaking crap was that cold. I couldn't feel my feet and it felt like they were encased in ice. Dave, I read Erin's post and I felt exactly the same way you did.

Nevertheless, I'm glad I did it though. I would say to everyone they should try it once but you sure as hell won't get me to do it twice! Maybe if there's another freakishly warm New Years Day I'd consider it, but otherwise count me out.

I took a video of us doing it too that I'll have to post on YouTube sometime.


I never even knew Milwaukee did a Polar Bear Plunge until last year. It's a tradition? And it's pretty popular I see - I can't believe how out of the loop I was!


You guys are troopers! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with all of us!! (That's what I was hoping for.)

Serena, I can't believe your daughter joined the Polar Bear Club when she was 8 years old!!! Man, I'm a wimp.

Mindy and Blue, I think you've inspired me to take the plunge… just once though, and only because you're right that every *true* Wisconsinite should do it at least one time. In 2009, I'll be praying for unseasonable weather – temps in the 50s would be ideal.

Thanks for the stories and Happy New Year!

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