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December 16, 2007



During this time of year, I just love all of the Christmas decorations. It is fun to see all of your pictures from each entry and especially looking at your current pics from Christmas. Enjoy the season! I wish you many holiday cheers!


I was down in Milwaukee at Bayshore last weekend. I love that little set up. For whatever reason it makes me feel like I'm in a big city. Plus, our meter was full, so we got front row parking for FREE!

Merry Christmas!


I went there while it was raining one time and I was miserable. I guess I'm a wimp, but I refuse to go there during the winter now.


I’ve been to the new Bayshore quite a few times this year and it’s MUCH better than the old, dying mall that used to be there.

Parking can be tricky but the easiest thing to do is shoot for the parking ramps (the one behind Sears is hardly used besides the first floor).

I've found Bar Louie to be a surprising treat. It has less of a bar feel than the one on Water Street and great food and drink specials (their happy hour is $2 taps - and they have some awesome beers).


I agree that it's WAY better than the old mall, but I still don't understand why anyone thought it was a good idea to build an "open-air mall" in Wisconsin. Sure, that's a great idea for LA, but a city with 9 chilly months out of the year, um, not so much.

I guess what really draws people there are the shops, but you can find most of the same stores at Mayfair...


Mandy- I hate plugging meters! But I think it's a really great idea to donate the change to charity. It makes me more inclined to drop some extra change in there.

Alba- I didn’t even know there was a parking ramp behind Sears. Thanks for the tip!

Also, I agree that the new Bayshore doesn’t even compare to the old. When it gets warm outside, I’m sure I’ll head there more often (even though I tend to shop online). It’s a really nice set-up and is quite the contrast to the typical malls in our area like Brookfield Square and South Ridge (where a renovation is overdue). I'm just waiting for the old portion of the mall to get fixed up (like around Sears) and for kiosks to open in the bare hallways.

Amanda- trekking around BSTC while it was snowing wasn’t ideal, but I must say I really enjoyed the atmosphere and its shopping sources – there are a lot of stores that are different from those at the other malls in the area. I also probably won’t go back when it’s this cold, unless I’m just running in to get something, but it really is a great center and a place I’ll explore again.


The weather doesn't affect my opinon of the mall. I think it's one of the best things to happen to that part of town. It's charming and a great draw!


I like the selection of stores that are now available. Though I have yet to go there this winter...I am thinking I might pass.

alanna water

I love shopping more than anything. But in the winter, who the hell would be that crazy to make a store outside and you would have to try on clothes in 40 below. Just another Robert Munch story!!


Alright, just to clear up the parking donation - They HAVE to donate to charity because it is private property.

I don't mean to be negative here, but I live right by the mall and it drives me nuts!

All the shops and everything are nice, but one night my girlfriends and I went out to one of the restaurants after water aerobics (a friend was moving away) and we didn't want to park in the garage because it was January and cold and we had been in the water. So right in the middle of dinner, we had to get up and plug the meters.

I also do not like supporting chain restaurants. I've gone to dinner with my parents, right by the tree you mentioned and we parked at Kohls and walked to the restaurant. Again - winter!

So far, I've only found one bike rack and that is by Kohls facing Boston Store.

I'm truly not a shopper. To be honest, I do break out in a sweat and start to hyperventlate in small enclosures and crowds of people - but if I am going to have to drag my coat around AND packages AND walk outside - then I'm going to do it locally.

The traffic flow is not convenient either so Panara and Trader Joes - you have to be going in a certain direction to get their conveniently and I don't want to park in a parking structure with a shopping cart.

Sorry to post something negative, but being so close ANd the fact that my bank is there - I'm there quite frequently and try to be in and out as fast as I can.

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