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November 01, 2007



FYI: I'll be posting more photos tomorrow morning. For now, I'm off to bed! Stay tuned...


I must say that you always do a wonderful job with the photography for this site. I can tell you put a lot of thought into your photos. It's nice to not only read about your time at each place, but to see it and see a LOT of it. Since you began writing for PITC, the images have gotten even better. I wanted to say how nice it is to see so many good photographs of Milwaukee. Keep it up!


Yeah the tropical dome was definetely the coolest. There were so many weird plants that people have learned to exploit for their needs. One of my favorites was the plant that has a neurotoxin in it, the villagers who live in that region grind up the plants and use them to stun fish in lakes and ponds. Then they just scoop up the fish and eat away...pretty cool stuff though I'd be wary to eat the fish after that...


I haven't been to the domes for a long time. Your captivating pictures have compelled me to return. I'll be going this week. Keep up the good work.


Your pictures are outstanding and I appreciate the time you spend showing everyone what Milwaukee has to offer. I can see how you research events and I like how you post additional information. I remember going to the domes with my kids, but it's been awhile since I've been there. I know you can have weddings and fundraising events there too. It's beautiful.


The domes still suck.


Thanks for the compliments, guys. But it's really easy to take good photos when they are of pretty and interesting subjects. Some how I don't think anyone could take a bad picture of things found in nature. It's just too beautiful.

And Ted, you're entitled to your own opinion. But like I said, I wasn't impressed by the Domes when I went years ago, mostly because I was too young to appreciate them. I think you should give them another shot like I did and if you still think they suck, well, then I guess check out Milwaukee's other offerings because there's a lot out there and something for everyone. I promise.

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