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November 09, 2007



This really is a great addition to Milwaukee. It is ABOUT time those stores got here. What took them so long, seriously. However, there IS another Anthropologie in Hilldale mall in Madison.


KG- You're right. Though I swear I read that somewhere else, I made the change in my post - clearly it was incorrect. Thank you for the info.

Anyway, I also just read that Anthropologie is said to be moving into the Bayshore Town Center in Glendale. Pretty cool, eh?


I really like Anthropolgie, a little pricey, but sale items aren't bad. I went to the one in Schamberg, IL. With these new stores and their locations to MLK we have no reason to go to IL. The new stores will fit in nicely with the college group.


Ah-ha! I knew I read it somewhere. In an article writen by a staff writer: "This is the first Anthropologie location in Wisconsin."


Another Anthropologie at Bayshore would be pretty cool was definitely always a store a looked forward to going to when in Chicago.

I dont know what to make of that article...because there is definitely one in Madison. I know it's new also though, maybe it opened after the MKE one was announced? At the end of the day, who cares...both cities are lucky to have the store :)


I looooooove Anthropologie. Can't wait 'till this place opens. Good shopping is one thing I really miss having here in Milwaukee and I'm glad to see we are finally getting some cool stores.

Ess Elle

We're really looking forward to Urban Outfitters joining our East Side neighborhood. It will be a great addition! We especially love all of the fun giftable items they have.


Ess Elle- As if I haven't said it enough already, I absolutely love your boutique! You'll have to let me know the date of your next Friday Night Fling.

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