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November 14, 2007



"Beer is water, Beer is life, Beer is liquid bread and Beer is delicious"
(I think thats how it went...)
good read


The Lakefront Brewery tour is definitely the best one I've been on. It has a nice hometown feel and everyone is really friendly there. Plus, I think they have some of the best beers out there. Are you planning to check out any other local brewery tours?


Amanda, I'd like to hit up a couple of the breweries - Miller and Sprecher in Milwaukee, and maybe New Glarus if I feel like taking a road trip.

Tommy Boy

The Lakefront Brewery is now on my "Must Do" list I've heard good things about it from my friends but your article really got my attention. The tour, fish fry and polka band sounds like a great night out. Thanks for the info.


It sure sounds like you had fun. Oh, and happy belated b-day!


Do you know if they serve their glucose free beer their? I've had it in bottles but it seems hard to find. Very good.

BTW, I think the Brewers made a mistake letting Geoff Jenkins go. They will miss his veteran leadership on a talented but inexperienced team. His defense will also be missed on a club that is one of the worse, if not the worse fielding team in the league. Anyway, we'll miss Geoff Jenkins. Did you catch the full page add he took out in the Journal-Sentinel thanking the fans of Milwaukee for their 10 years of support? Class act. Something you don't see from professional atheletes, particularly in the money grabbing Barry Bonds era. Good luck Geoff, we'll miss you.


Nice write-up. The Lakefront Brewery tour is the best in Wisconsin. I do recommend a designated driver though, because even after some greasy fish, you won't be sober.


Had a great time there and the dancing was the best. We waited a long time to be seated, but the food was worth it.


Excellent write-up! Very detailed and full of great information. That was a fun night and I’m glad you enjoyed it. At the LFB we try to be informative as well as fun and not too boring or long winded. If we can keep beer in your cup, a smile on your face and get you to learn a little bit about beer we have succeeded. One of the best parts about our tours is that every tour guide is different, giving a truly unique and different experience every time. Thanks for coming and Happy Birthday Bung Queen.

Beer is life, Beer is love, Beer is liquid bread and Beer is delicious.


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