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October 15, 2007



One time, when I was in high school, my business teacher was on Wheel of Fortune. We thought it was sooooo cool.

That's all.


Milwaukee seems to be in a lot of movies and tv. Mostly mentioned as the beer capitol. Do you or anyone find that Milwaukee is mentioned in a good way or negative way in entertainment?


best game show ever!!!


First off the Wheel of Fortune is fantastic. Probably because I think I am good at it. But it seems to me that's part of the whole schtick and what makes it so good. They seem to get people on there who can't figure out the puzzles, so that the average viewer feels they are smart and has a good time watching it.

And Char, in my opinion Milwaukee is more often than not shown in a less than favorable light in the media as of late. We are referred to as fat in The Simpsons, and also as a state worse than hell in Dogma. I honestly can't think of anything positive I have seen on television or film that has put us in a good light. Maybe American Movie?...wait, probably not so much.


I agree with you, Scott. Much of the media focuses on Milwaukee’s negative stereotypes. And we all know they aren't completely based on facts. They are merely an oversimplified generalization and opinion.

Even though movies like Dogma and Love Actually make our city seem less desirable, and TV shows like Family Guy and the Simpsons poke fun at us, I still think that Milwaukee is finally beginning to be portrayed as a reputable city. In addition, I believe that because Milwaukee is in the middle of some sort of Renaissance, the positive attention will outweigh the negative sooner than later.

But how do we rid the city of negative stereotypes?

And do you think that being labeled as brat binging, beer guzzling cheese heads has a negative impact on how we are viewed? Or is it something Milwaukee is proud of?


I hate that Milwaukee gets such a bad rap in the media. When I was telling people that I was moving to Milwaukee they were like, "Why?"

Because it's cool people.

Outsiders are still stuck in the Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, Nick at Night B.S., which does nothing for our reputation.

Furthermore, being said that all we do is drink beer and eat brats until we weigh 300lbs is ridiculous. I'm annoyed by that stereotype. There's so much more that we have and we could represent - like our great at scene, culture, etc.

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