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October 03, 2007



I love haunted houses, and I love Halloween. It runs a close second to Christmas in terms of my favorite holidays! The adrenaline I get from sheer terror is so exciting!!

Thanks for sharing the stories. I worked at a nightclub in Chicago while living there (Excalibur on Dearborn) and it's one of the last remaining buildings from the great Chicago Fire. And has been used in the past as a mortuary during a famous shipwreck in the Chicago river.

Currently, it is haunted by a number of ghosts, including a little girl who wanders the club and leaves her doll in random places throughout the club. There is also a woman in a red gown that has been seen wandering the second floor. In fact, the club is so famously haunted that is was featured on the History Chanel! Creepy!



When I first moved here someone told me about some Milwaukee bar (I can't remember the name) that was supposed to be haunted. Have you heard anything about that one??


Christi- Great story! I went dancing at Excalibur several years ago and heard from one of the bartenders that it was haunted. It's kind of an eerie place to begin with, so knowing it was supposedly haunted made it even creepier!

Did you ever see the ghost or her doll? (Also, do you know why patrons have to pay more to go upstairs? I’ve been curious about that for awhile...)


Audra, the Rave bar is haunted I think...


Your comment prompted me to look that up, Audra. Here's what I found regarding haunted bars in Milwaukee:

Landmark 1850 Inn
(5905 S. Howell Ave.)
This is Milwaukee's oldest tavern - no wonder why it's supposedly haunted. Apparently employees have reported a female apparition dressed in Victorian era clothing that has been seen walking down the backstairs.

Ardor Pub & Grill
(607 N. Broadway – Downtown)
This was the site of a fatal fire – the Newhall House burnt down claiming over 70 victims in 1883. Today, waitresses claim they've heard strange noises and have seen streaks of light in their peripheral vision.

House of Frank N Stein
(726 E. Center Street – Riverwest)
This was a former funeral parlor that was recently turned into a bar. Patrons have reported being overcome by “weird feelings” in the dish room, which I guess was once used for embalming. (Yum)

Apparently Barclay is haunted as well.


Karen, I DID see the doll once. I'm not kidding. I was working a beer tub in Vision Dome and looked up and saw a doll sitting on the ledge on a spot that was physically impossible for anyone to put up there (without some sort of ladder) Rumor has it that someone has put it there to toy with patrons who have heard the doll story, but I don't know. It's creepy though.

As for the extra cover charge to get upstairs, the club is so massive that often times there are 3 or 4 different events going on at one time. Often times we would have a special DJ performing upstairs and therefore there is an additional cover charge to get upstairs. But once you paid that extra charge, you have full roam of the entire club...including access into Vision Nightclub, the adjacent club. It's ridiculous I know. I'd have to hear it from pissed off patrons nightly =)


No way!

Christi, I would have quit on the spot even if the doll was a joke!!! It's one thing to get cheap thrills from a manufactured haunted house, but it's another to work in a real one!


This may be off subject a bit but has anyone ever seen the ghost in the movie Three Men and a Baby? It is toward the end of the movie. You can see the ghost sitting by the window. It looks like a rag doll.


Melanie- I haven't seen it, but I've heard about the ghost. Maybe I'll rent the movie and look for it.


It wouldn't be worth your time Karen. Certainly if a ghost had been captured on the film of a Hollywood movie it would be more than just a rumor, more than something you've only heard about vaguely. This logical stance is more than just a sound theory; it's true: There is no ghost in "Three Men and a Baby".

Still, such stories are very entertaining.


On the corner of 175 and Maple Road near Germantown, I was traveling home in a blizzard when I saw the outline of a man flashing me to stop. I jammed on the breaks and slid into a ditch. Upset, I ran to the intersection only to find no one there and no footprints in the freshly fallen snow. I was so angry, finally getting out of the ditch. I figured someone played a very mean trick on me. The only thing there was a very old cemetery. Five years later, a historical museum opened up in an old church on that corner and as I walked up to the door, pasted on the door was a news article about a ghost reported to play in the traffic at that intersection. For 5 years, I thought it was a man who did that to me, I felt kinda weird hearing it could have been a ghost.


Wow, Sue. That's one spooky story! I haven't seen a ghost – I don't really want to either – but I think the stories are entertaining.

Thanks for sharing yours!


We go by the Douseman House every time we go to the dentist. I have been meaning to check it out.....I will have to for sure now.

As far as the Sunset Playhouse. I usher there every couple of weeks. I had read this before - but forgot about it. I will have to ask the next time I am there. I use to get an uncomfortable feeling sitting in the theater by myself - before renovations........


Ohhh!!! You should definitely let me know what you find out! I love this creepy kind of stuff, but I'm way too chicken to explore it myself. Ha-ha.


HA HA (thanks, I think)

My sister and I went on a vacation together in Savannah and did a ghost walking tour. It was a blast!!

I will report back my findings... Maybe you could feature this blog next October for everyone. This was a good one!

Bill Blop

I was walking to my friends house and I had this eerie feeling that somone was walking next to me! later that day i saw someone apear and disopeer just like that it was creepie!!!:(

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