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October 04, 2007



I used to watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents when I was young. I had no idea MSO was playing a show on Halloween completely dedicated to Hitchcock's work. Now that I know, I'll probably get tickets.


Not that anyone needs any additional reasons to see Wilco, as they are amazing on their own, but Andrew Bird is the opener for the show.


Wow! I must have been living under a rock.

In fact, I was just talking about how I've missed every chance to see Andrew Bird...

Elizabeth Brzeski

Slightly unrelated, but Mat Kearney will be at Carroll College on Oct. 10. Tickets are $10.


Oh Ragina Spektor...If you are thinking about going to see her show I recommend wearing ear plugs between sets and wearing a blindfold (I am not saying she is ugly just that she has strange Mannerisms. Other then that the show would be great. I do actually like her music. I would most certainly like to go to see Spoon. They do play a mean show.


Hey Elizabeth- I hope Mat Kearney’s show was good (assuming you went last night). I believe one of his songs (I don’t remember the name) was featured in the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy just a few weeks ago...

Also, thanks for sharing the info!

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