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October 22, 2007



Great info for helping me find that right costume. Thanks.


Closet Classics has a great selection of Halloween accessories. I went there last year and got a tommy gun for my gangster costume. Until then, I never figured a vintage clothing store would have much for costumes. Check it out.


What's the most popular costume this year? I heard it was Paris Hilton in the orange jail suit. Anyone dressing up their pets for Halloween? My dog dressed up like a witch one year and we collected $60. in an hour for UNICEF. That was fun.


Yeah so I have about two days to come up with a costume before a Halloween party on Saturday. Hmmmm...good luck right.


Melanie, I was in your boat last year. I went as a "smarty pants" by stapling Smarties to my jeans. Although it wasn't very cool, I thought it was humorous. I'm sure if you'd ask, people would share some ideas with you on here... Just a thought.

What the heck, I'll give you some suggestions for a slapdash costume regardless.

1. Lunch Lady: Wear a hairnet, smock, rubber gloves and 50s style glasses. Carry around a soup spoon.
2. Werewolf: Find old jeans and a flannel shirt from someone's closet (someone you know preferably) and rips holes into them. Then, buy face paint and some fake fur and go nuts.
3. Mona Lisa: Wear a long black wig and black robe. Find an old picture frame to carry around as well.
4. Babysitter: Strap a baby doll to your behind and sit on it.
5. Nudist on Strike: Dress in normal clothes and carry a sign that says "Nudist on Strike."

I know these ideas are kind of goofy, but I hope they help to at least spark some ideas. Have fun at the party!


Char- Trick-or-treating for UNICEF is a great idea. How nice of you!

I think I'm going to paint Lucy (my black cat) to look like a skunk for Halloween...


Haha! What great costume ideas, Karen! I'd love to see someone actually go as your suggested "babysitter." Classic.


Great article!

I am heading out tonight and will be making a few stops at some of your recommended places, and probably St. Vinnie's as well.

Thanks for the tips!

I especially like the nudist on strike. It's up there with the conservative prostitute look.


I'm going to pass the costume ideas to friends. I like the babysitter and nudist on strike.


Scott and Fretta-
I'm glad you liked my costume ideas. Good luck finding yours!


I've been trying to think of a costume for weeks now, and I'd half-decided to go as myself 15 years ago... But I'm definitely taking your suggestion of "nudist on strike." Perfect. :)

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