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September 18, 2007



This is the first year that I've followed baseball. I was not religiously, but yes, I totally jumped on the bandwagon. The fans and the excitement just pulled me in. Now that football started, I'm really excited. I guess what I'm getting at is that I've always wonder how sports have the ability to bring cities and people together. That comradeship is like no other. Packers 11-5


I've been a long-time Brewers and Packers fan also. I don't foresee the Packers reaching the Super Bowl nor the Brewers getting into the playoffs even though that would be ideal. But the fact is both are still building their team. If the Brewers keep their current roster, next year they will certainly make the playoffs. No question. And since the Packers football team is built from rookies, maybe in a few years once they get a groove, the will get somewhere - then again, at that point they probably won't have Favre... For now, I'll agree with Karen on the 9-7 record this season.


I have three tickets to this Sunday's game. Anyone want them? I'm bad luck and might ruin their good start...


I would take your tickets but I'd probably curse them as well. (I have a black cat that passes me daily, so I probably have nine years of bad luck or something). I've been to a dozen Brewers games this season and I'm pretty sure they lost all of them… I’m a plague.


If I'm not mistaken, both the Giants and Eagles have a losing record, but i think the Chargers might give them a run for their money.


oh, i forgot to say that I agree with the 9-7 record as well. Sure they're starting out great, but the Packers have always been plagued with injuries...

danny from milwaukee

The Brewers will win 86 games and take the NL Central when the Cubs remember they're the Cubs. The Brewers will win 10 games. Them's my predictions.


Way to be optimistic, danny boy! We should start rallying!

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