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September 01, 2007



I'll be at the National. Additionally, I just saw Brand New, Wolf Parade and Snoop Dogg at the Download Festival in Chicago yesterday. Brand New is excellent!

I'm also kinda pumped for Pinback at the Pabst in October.


I'm glad you appreciate good music. Maybe I'll see you at the National or even Pinback. Meanwhile, I'm going to look into Brand New.


Glad to see you doing concert shout outs on here. I was just at Rufus Wainwright and I'll be going to Bloc Party and The National. I'm not sure which one I'm more excited for.

Are you going to be going to the two night stint at the Riverside with The Decemberists?


Both should be great shows - I'm equally excited for both.

I'm also pumped for The Decemberists' back to back shows at the Riverside. I still haven't bought tickets - I think the double pass went on sale today. I'm not sure if I'll make it to both nights, but if anything I'll get tickets for the Monday night show. How about you?


The National must be pretty good if you three are all going... Maybe I'll check them out too.

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