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September 20, 2007



I'm not from the Milwaukee area, but secret or not, it's a place I'd like to relax - maybe swim too.


I've never heard of Atwater Beach, but it sounds great. I enjoy your pictures.
Are you planning to go to the Breast Cancer walk?


Atwater is a great beach! If you want to take a Sunday drive north on Lake Drive past Whitefish. You should take a right on Beach Drive. It's a beautiful view of the lake, at the end of the drive there is a house with tons of unique sculptures in the yard.

A very interesting place to vist on a dark rainy night...


I got engaged on the end of the right pier. It's been my favorite spot for years.


Char- Yes, I'm hoping to participate in the walk. Are you going?

Josh- Thanks for the fantastic suggestion! I think tonight is calling for rain, so I might find myself out that way...

Matt- What a beautiful place to propose! I’m sort of jealous...


Atwater is definitely a great beach, but my personal favorite beach is Doctors Park. If you continue up on Lake Drive you'll get to it. It's right before you hit Brown Deer Road (where the Best Buy is). We go swimming there a lot during the summer though now it would be too cold. It's very sandy and only has a few sporadic rock patches. The water is great too.

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