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August 08, 2007



Even though Lollapalooza was in Chicago, it's nice that you mentioned the bands that were there and that will be in Milwaukee. It's a decent way to make it relate. Sounds like it was a good festival.


Thank you for discussing good music on a Milwaukee blog. It shouldn't be abnormal. I really appreciate it. Additionally, I am glad that you picked Modest Mouse over My Morning Jacket. Even if they didn't play anything from Lonesome Crowded West, they are still awesome.


I had a great time at Lollapalooza! Since I enjoy writing about concerts, I didn’t want to deny myself the opportunity to share my experience with everyone who reads PITC. Of course I don’t want to write something that has absolutely nothing to do with Milwaukee, which is why I thought that listing several bands coming to MKE would connect the two.

Plus, my hope is that locals realize that they can see the same bands without traveling to another city or paying high ticket prices (shows at the Pabst are usually reasonably priced and worth the money). I think the concert scene in Milwaukee is finally flourishing, which is great for music enthusiasts like me and those looking to learn more. :)


I’m glad you have good taste in music! Also, I’m happy you don’t mind me blabbing about it. :)

The reason I chose Modest Mouse over My Morning Jacket was solely based on the fact that I saw MMJ at the Pabst in the spring and I haven’t seen the genius of Modest Mouse. Much like on their recent release, We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, they sound just about the same, only with crisper guitar. I was very (very) pleased with my decision!


I heard that Peter Bjorn and John lost sound at Lollapalooza. Bummer. I saw PB&J at the Pabst on Monday night. They were okay. I thought they had an odd stage presence. Also saw the opener, Andrew Bird. I already saw him at Summerfest last year. He was great as usual, but played more of his newer stuff that's more symphonic.


FYI, I added some photos from the Muse show (thank you, Scott, for the donation). Now you can see what I meant by calling it a “video show of epic proportions.” What a spectacle!


Lolla was a blast, but it is always better seeing bands in the small wonderful venues we have right here in Milwaukee. For example I got to see The White Rabbits and The Cribs at the Pabst the Thursday before, and they were both fantastic. Making the night even better, we ended up going out to John Hawkes Pub with the "Rabbits" after the show. That's probably one of my favorite things about places like the Pabst, Cactus Club, or any other smaller Milwaukee venue is that most times you can interact with the bands before and after the shows.

Thanks for a great recap and also for letting us know about some upcoming events. I would be interested to check back here for both recomendations of upcoming shows and recaps of them(wink, wink)

P.S. - Just recently announced at the Pabst is Grizzly Bear playing Tue, Oct 9th and I recommend it as the upcoming show in the area not to miss. Just my 2 cents.


Check out early Son Volt first. The first three albums - Trace, Straightaways, and Wide String Tremolo - are good. Trace is a desert-island disc. The fourth one is meh and the most recent one is dreadful. Their set at Summerfest was unbelievably boring and generally pretty awful. My first listen of Trace was practically a religious awakening, but now I'm not sure I'd bother to walk across the street to see them. Maybe if it were free.


That's really interesting about Son Volt... They were among Blue October and Spoon in my top 3 surprise performances -- the bands that I didn't expect to be that great live, yet ended up being pretty terrific. I'll have to check out Son Volt's earlier stuff. Thanks for the tip, Brooke.


Thanks for the tip Brooke! I might check out their newer stuff just because I feel I need to give it an equal shot, but I will definitely look into the three you recommend (especially Trance if it moved you that much). I don't care to waste money on an album that’ll only collect dust on my shelf. Good info. Thanks!

I also was pretty impressed by Son Volt. They were actually one of the better bands on Day One. Maybe it was the heat getting to our heads… ?

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