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August 10, 2007



I'm not sure how important one player is, I don't know if him being back will lead them to victory but it'll sure make the games more interesting to watch.
I thought he was playing baseball for the brewers now though ;)


Go Brewers!

Don Quixote

Eric was that a reference to Michael Jordan retiring from basketball and coming back as a baseball player? I wonder if MJ hold the record for worst mistake EVER?


Brett Favre IS the Green Bay Packers. His best years are behind him but I wouldn't want anyone else leading the Packers. Their best opportunity to win and beat those #%&@ Bears is with Favre at the helm. I'm not looking forward to the day that Brett hangs it up. GO PACK!


Ha ha ha no...I wasn't... I was making a badjoke...there is a brewers player (jeff jenkins) who looks a bit like bret farve
I forgot about jordan's brief attempt at baseball, Ha makes me think of the movie Space Jam


favre is the green bay packers. without him that team is nothing. he makes his teammates better than they really are. for example donald driver, without favre does anyone know he exsists. dont get me wrong i like double d, favre made him into what he is now.


I think I'm one of the few people in Wisconsin -- nay, the country -- who does not worship the ground Favre walks on. I really wish he would retire and give Aaron Rodgers a chance to become the starting quarterback the Packers are supposedly grooming him to be.


I'm on the fence on this one. I have always adored Brett Favre (and always will) for the strong leadership he has provided for our team over the years. However, as much as I love and respect him as a person and a player, I'm not sure he has it in him to carry the Pack to another Super Bowl -- or even a winning season. Let's be honest, the Packers *do* need someone to carry them. The rest of the team just hasn't been able to prove that they can do it on their own, and Favre has thus far been the only player able to produce that kind of leadership. Therein lies my mental dilemma. :P It'll be an interesting season, regardless!

I'm just glad that the Packers have started playing pre-season games and we're not all 100% focused on football yet, because the Brew Crew still has a shot in the post-season...


Did Favre really say that? What a putz.


Lisa, I agree that Aaron Rogers needs to get on the field and play. He had a great pre-season game on Saturday night against the Steelers. McCarthy said Rogers just needs to play; it’s the only way he’ll get better. However, I don’t know if McCarthy is capable of fashioning Rogers into a quarterback like Favre as Holmgren did. I don’t doubt that Rogers has the ability and talent to be a winning QB like Favre though. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when Favre actually retires. Until then, I’ll keep worshiping Brett. :)


I think this will definitely be Farves lasy yr. He's not as passionate about playing. I'm not looking forward to this years team. The Brewers aren't doing so hot either, but I still enjoy watching. Fielder didn't deserve the suspension for the arguement. We really need his hitting now.

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