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August 13, 2007



I was there on Thurday too and I've gone about 4 times this year. I've been going for three years and always have a great time.

I really don't know what the hell people are complaining about with the crowds. I have absolutely no problem with the fact that a lot of people go there. It's a lot more festive with people there and I'm glad to see people hanging out downtown.


I have to admit, I'm one of those people that have been slightly turned off by the increasing crowds at Jazz in the Park over the past couple years. It's not the size of the crowd that gets to me -- it may just be an unfortunate coincidence that I always seem to end up surrounded by people who are not there for the music at all. I understand that Jazz in the Park is a great way to get out and be social and enjoy being outside downtown in the summer... but it's called Jazz in the Park for a reason. It's not Hang-Out-and-Get-Drunk in the Park. The last three times I've gone, I ended up wishing I'd been standing in the parking lot of the Metro Market, listening from afar... I used to go on a regular basis, but now I only go when there's a group that I really want to see. Maybe if I went a little more often again, I'd have better luck... ?

I'd really recommend going on September 27th, though, to see Streetlife with Warren Wiegratz. I've heard Mr. Wiegratz play a number of times, and he is an amazing musician. (I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet him and play a gig that he was at a few years ago -- so nerve-wracking!) He was so nice though. He's the kind of musician that you can tell has a lot of fun doing what he does, and gets really excited about the younger generation of musicians. This is all pretty pointless information... so basically I'm just trying to say GO SEE WARREN WIEGRATZ. :)


I agree blue. It's nice to see people out and about in the city. If an event can attract that size of a crowd, what's the problem? Isn't that a GOOD thing for our city?

Hey Kristin- Thanks for the suggestion! I'm actually planning to go back for Gary Christensen & the All-Star Superband. A sixteen piece Jazz Big Band (I love big band music) composed of 5 saxes, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, guitar, string bass, and drums really is a SUPERband!

In addition, I think you should give Jazz in the Park another shot. Maybe the fourth time is the REAL charm…


Yeah, I really should give it another shot. The SuperBand is really great, by the way. That's actually the group that I know Warren Wiegratz from the most. He plays tenor sax in the band, and one of my most influential mentors plays the alto sax... Anyway, you'll really like them. In fact, you may have convinced me to go that night as well...


BWAHAHAHA! (evil laugh) That was my plan!


Trocoderos (spelling?) last year had a deal where you could show up at their establishment and get a free limo ride to Jazz in the Park with complementary champagne. Anyone know if that's still going on?


Your comment prompted me to look that up, Eric... and it seems like they still do! How fancy...

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