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July 19, 2007



I love Harry Potter!!! (Er, the books, not the actor. Although, he's growing up to be a stud. He'll be a heartbreaker in a few years.) That's all I'm going to say.


Dude. I am so jealous.


I must say, since this blog has changed hands. I have become very bored with the blogs content as well as the writing style. When we voted for the best blogger, I don't remember the writing being so scattered, sarcastic and somewhat childish.

I'm not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but does anyone else feel this way?


I think you're doing a great job, Karen.



I don't find the blog as you do. I find it somewhat up tempo. We all have different views and opinions though.



Hey Josh-
I'm sorry you feel that way. Since I started this gig nearly a month ago, I've been planning many impending and exciting activities to write about as I've been trying to get to know my readers. When I began, I asked for topic suggestions and ideas or opinions in relation to what you'd like to see in this blog and from me. Once again, I'd like to put that offer on the table for you and anyone else who'd like to lend some valuable thoughts or useful suggestions. Lenny is right, all of us have different views and opinions. Thanks for the comments.


How about something on lawn bowling or bocci ball? I went to the Italian Community Center and found they had indoor bocci courts that could be used for group parties or events. It was a blast. Seeing that it is Festa time it my be worth looking in to.

With things like this you don't have to spend a lot of money, can enjoy some Milwaukee heritage and have a great time.

Lenny's Right

Lenny, you are among the many who have turned on this blog since the current writer took over. She's just not that fun to read. (Maybe a little less Eric would do, IMHO). I rarely stop by here anymore, and I don't think she minds that. Maybe PITC or its current blogger could share some traffic data since the turnover and initial bashing took place. I'd be interested to know how she stacks up with the former blogger.


I have only read the first book and have seen bits of the first movie as well. Sometime after reading this blog yesterday a friend asked if I would go see the new movie and I decided to go. I had a really good time and surprisingly didn't feel too lost throughout, and also I am looking forward to starting the second book as soon as I am done with my current reads.

I really enjoy the story for the way it brings me back to the books I read when I was a kid. Books like these make kids feel older while reading, like they have special some importance and weight. Now as an adult they make me remember being a kid again. The books I loved as a kid were the Narnia series, Henry Huggins, Ribsy, and Ramona, Encyclopedia Brown, and my favorites The Great Brain.

Does anyone else remember these and what were your favorites? How do you think they stack up against Harry?

Thank you Karen for a great read, and also a trip down memory lane!


yeah, there just doesn't seem to be as many posts as before...and they aren't really always milwaukee-related. I mean, Harry Potter? There were all sorts of great things going on in Milwaukee this past weekend, and Harry Potter is what we get?

I'm not trying to be too critical, just hoping that you highlight more of what is going on around town. Including yourself in some of the pictures would also help a bit.


Hey Karl,
Thanks for your suggestions. Do you really think my posts have nothing to do with Milwaukee? If I’m not writing about a specific event, I try to relate MKE to other cities or current events, but I always focus on Milwaukee. No?

As for the Harry Potter post, it's not the only thing I did over the weekend (note the Festa blog). I work a regular 8 to 5 job, so I apologize if my posts don't go up as quickly as you'd like. I've been working on blogging more immediately and will continue to work on that.

Thanks again for your opinion. I appreciate it.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I really enjoyed reading them.

I think one of the many reasons why I like the Harry Potter series is because the books bring me back to my childhood when I was eager to read Narnia before bedtime and couldn’t put down my Nancy Drew. Harry Potter is an easy read, but an enchanting escape as well. Rowling’s descriptive writing and character development really enthralls the readers. I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the series like I have. Hopefully you had the opportunity to attend one of the many Harry Potter book release parties throughout Milwaukee too.

Lisa Marie

Wow, some of you are being extremely mean-spirited in your comments. If you don't like the blog, don't read it! There's no need to insult the author.


I loved to read Encyclopedia Brown. Who didn't want to be a detective at that age? More importantly, I wanted to be the tomboy, Sally Kimball, Brown's "Watson." Thanks for the memories.


In regards to the informed reader commenting about the blandness of the blogging and the desire to see "less Eric," might I suggest rolling back through the archives all the way back to January and noting that not only is the voice of the writing essentially the same (which is not a fault), if you replace "Eric" with "Dave" you have the exact frequency of mention. Perhaps you should consider being less of a dick for no reason. Go read the Shepherd and cry about taxes or Republicans and leave the rest of us who enjoy the articles to our peace. Thanks.

Lisa Marie

Amen, BoobTube!

BF = BoobTube

Thanks for chiming in, Eric.


Nope sorry BF= BoobTube, wasn't me. Here's a tip...if there arn't spelling mistakes or punctuation errors, it ain't me :)

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