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July 25, 2007



I have to say that Festa Italiana is definitely my favorite festival in Milwaukee. I may be a little biased, since my grandpa was one of a family of nine kids straight from Sicily... But regardless, this festival is exactly what an ethnic festival should be. I've done some work with the Italian Community Center and the people who help get Festa off the ground every year, and I was told that this year especially they wanted to get back to all things Italian: all Italian food, all Italian music, etc. I think they did a pretty good job doing just that.

This year, I went to the festival Thursday and Sunday nights. I definitely noticed that just about every single food stall featured a local Italian eatery's cuisine, and all the stages had live Italian music blasting out. (Oh man, Dick Contino, despite being 78 years old, can still play a mean accordion.) Both nights that I went, I ran into at least 3 people I'm related to -- oh the beauty of being Italian in Milwaukee -- and had a blast overall.

Karen, I loved your post. I felt like I was walking right beside you through the festival grounds. Thanks. :)


That lasagna looks delicious! I too love Festa for the food. I thought it was funny that you wore stretchy pants. That's hilarious even if you really didn't. I tend to hit up Festa in the afternoons for lunch and wear my running shorts with the elastic waist. ha-ha. Glad I'm not the only person who pigs out on great Italian food (how could you not with the amount of choices at Festa?)


I wish I didn't have to miss Festa this year. Gelato is seriously one of my favorite things on the planet.


I click your pictures and it says IMAGE NOT AVAILABLE. What's up with that?


Crap. I'll get right on that. They worked last night... sorry guys!


Alba- the photos should be available now. Thanks for letting me know!

If I wasn't banned from the Whole Foods gelato counter, I'd be as huge as the planet! And if not for head freeze, I’m sure I could eat a whole gallon of it. I haven’t done that yet, but I’m sure I could.


Do you have any more pics of the religious procession with the statues carried in procession? Please send them to me!!!! The ones you have posted are great! I wanna see more!!!!! [email protected]


I seriously mean to go to Festa every summer but for some reason I always manage to miss out. It sounds like it was a blast yet again this year.


And much more Italian like Kristin said.



Esther LaVerne

Does anyone recall which restaurants had the amaretto puffs? I have to find a supplier after Festa so I can get my fix...thanks!

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