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July 30, 2007



Great entry. I'm hungry now.


I love how this entry is somewhat of a narrative. Good descriptions. This is an event I must check out on August 11th! Needless to say I am addicted to Top Chef...every Wednesday night I am glued to the TV. It would be cool to see a similar event take place in my backyard.


I'm with you on that Scott. All of that talk about food is making my mouth water! I really enjoyed your photos too. You took a ton!


Will you be going to the finals?


I love the East Town Market. There's something so much better about fresh-from-the-farm foods...


I know exactly what you mean, Audra. I bought some fresh veggies while there and I SWEAR my cooking is ten times better! No, seriously...


I still can't believe the spectators started grazing on the judges leftovers...ugh...can't wait for the finals, though I'm sad that the Saffron Bistro in Brookfield didn't make the finals


I don't know about you guys, but I'm interested in seeing what Carnevor and Sabor cook-up. I've been dying to try both, but will have to rob a bank to do so. So that won't happen. At least I can watch the chefs cook in the finals, and then drool over each dish. See you there!


Yep, I'll certainly be there on Saturday, August 11 with bells on. Can't wait!


Yeah...I've been wanting to hit up sabor since I heard about it...damn pricey though. On the weekends..hmm maybe its weekdays, anyway I heard they have a reduced price lunch that is just as good as the dinner...


Lunch: Full Rodizio (1st course + meat), $28.50; 1st course only, $14.50
Dinner: Full Rodizio, $44.50; 1st course only, $32.50
It doesn't seem horribly priced for what you get for the full rodizio...
Take a look at Sabor's website for more info. (


You're in luck, Sabor will be at Zoo A La Carte, so you can get a taste for less. It is expensive, but it is real experience, so maybe a special occasion?

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