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June 15, 2007



Great job, Karen.
Way to get crackin' on this thing. I really appreciate your writing style. I will happily continue to read your blog. Feel free to add mine to your left hand sidebar, if you want to .


Sounds like you had the quite the busy weekend planned for yourself. I hope you got a chance to participate in some of those activities. Come back soon and tell us all about them!


“MJ” you should give me your blog address. I want to link it to PITC. I’m guessing what’s linked to your screen name isn’t that, or perhaps it is and I’m just confused.

Also, thanks for reading and for your positive comments! I’m glad you enjoy my writing style. That really makes my day; kind of like when the 25 cent soda machine at work accidentally gives me two Diet Cokes for the price of one! It’s a great gift! Thanks you.

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